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Adorable Dolce & Gagana Baby Leather and Denim Ballerina Shoes 50% Off!

Are these the most adorable baby ballerina shoes ever, or what?

If you’re baby is less than 3 months old, you’ve got to snag a pair of these while they are on sale for less than $60, down from over $100!

Dolce & Gabana baby ballerina shoes
Dolce & Gabana Baby Ballerina Shoes

They are 50% off at FORZIERI.com now.

The larger baby sizes are already sold out so if you want these, click over and buy them asap.   Your baby will look absolutely adorable in these cute little ballerina shoes.

Made of soft blue leather and denim with gold stitching and velcro straps, these shoes look easy to get on and off a wiggly baby.

For your Princess – Chelsea Baby Headband and Snap-On Bouquet

Chelsea Baby Bouquet Headband

My daughter loves to play dress up.  She changes into ‘fancy clothes’ soon after she gets home from school almost every day.  She’s not lazy about changing into her fancy clothes either!  Fancy shoes, leggings or tights, a sweater, sometimes a tutu, a bit of blush, and always some sort of hair accessory.  Today she was so excited when she saw what she received from Chelsea-Baby.com, a beautiful headband and snap-on bouquet.  She tried the headband with her hair up first then decided it would look prettier with her hair down.  Such a tough decision, right?

For that little girl who likes to do exactly that “Dress up” this darling lavender, tulle and pink, green, & purple striped grosgrain ribbon completes the look!

Chelsea Baby offers the headband in lavender, hot pink, light pink, and lime green and there are currently 10 bouquet options.  The bouquet you see in the photo above is called “Dress Up”.  Fitting name, isn’t it?  I love the idea of a snap-on bouquet.

Chelsea Baby’s headbands and bouquets are whimsical, fun, and fancy. Perfect for your little princess! 

Connect with Chelsea Baby:

Disclosure: My daughter received a headband and bouquet for review from Chelsea Baby.  All opinions are 100% my own.


Alicia Hagan, Editor

TOMS Shoes – Giving Back One Pair of Shoes at a Time

How can a single pair of TOM’s shoes change the world? Well, according to TOMS shoes founder Blake Mycoskie, it can save lives – one shoe at a time. While traveling in Argentina in 2006 Blake found that many children had no shoes to protect their feet. In response Blake founded TOMS and returned later that year to give 10,000 pairs of shoes to deserving children all thanks to the purchases made by TOMS customers. So a single pair of shoes can change a life and perhaps the world.


We took the time to chat with a member of the TOMS team to learn more about this innovative and socially conscious company.

1. What is the inspiration behind the new Wrap Boot?
The TOMS Wrap Boot is inspired by the colorful leg wraps worn by Argentine Polo horses. Blake authored a short story that tells the tale of a newly-wed young woman who, to win back the attention of her Polo champion husband, wrapped her legs with the brilliant elastic creating a sassy, flirtatious look. Read the full story and see the looks here!

2. Tell us what happens on a typical “Shoe Drop Tour”.
An Argentina Shoe Drop Tour is a group experience where volunteers hand-place matched pairs of TOMS Shoes on children’s feet and explore some of the country’s most intriguing neighborhoods and activities.

3. How can our readers get involved in the TOMS movement?
– Buy TOMS and wear them daily – share the One for One movement with everyone you meet!
– Stay connected through our emails, Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter
– Share the documentary: YouTube.com/TOMSshoes
– Be part of the TOMS family by applying for an internship on your campus, at TOMS HQ, or on the road as a TOMS Vagabond
Apply to go on a TOMS Shoe Drop Tour

4. What are the various ways an individual can make a difference?
Know that as a consumer you can choose products that offer sustainability, giving, and positivity at their core. TOMS guarantees that for every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of shoes to a child in need. One for One. In the end, “the more you give, the more you live!”

5. What can our readers look forward to in the upcoming collections for TOMS shoes?
TOMS remains true to the classic lines of the Argentine alpargata shoe, but you can look forward to fresh new variations this summer and laces this fall!

Coupon Code: TOMSbday valid for 5% off at www.TOMSshoes.com and expires 5/15.

Vincent Shoes

Stylish baby and kids shoes? Vincent Shoes have done it.  Vincent Shoes are amazing.  Vincent Shoes, a relatively new company, is already selling their super cute shoes world wide and is making parents everywhere VERY happy. No longer are we forced to buy the mainstream shoe brands for our VIK’s (very important kids).  There is a Vincent Shoe for every climate, and personality.

The most exciting Vincent Shoe (according to Sebastian) is the Kasper. The Kasper, pictured to the left, is a stylish cold-weather boot for both boys and girls.  The Kasper is sold in toddler and children’s sizes. Sebastian has worn the Kasper almost every day since I opened the box and has provided rave reviews such as "these are the most awesome shoes ever, Mom!". He even wears them to school despite the fact that it has been in the 60’s and 70’s here in Atlanta, Georgia. Sebastian thinks the Kasper is extremely comfortable. He loves the drawstring at the top of the boot which is meant to keep snow (invisible snow here in Georgia) or rain out.  On the days that it did get down to the 30’s here, his feet stayed nice and warm when wearing his Kasper’s outside.


Meanwhile, Madelyn received a pair of ‘Love" mary janes which are absolutely adorable. These are great for pre-walkers and walkers alike. Once she starts walking I can see her wearing these all of the time. The ‘Love’ shoe is great for a day at the park, at home, at school, and for her Sunday

best!  You can choose from several colors.

This last shoe I have to tell you about is one of my all time favorite shoes. It is the ‘Andy’.  The Andy
is such a cute, sophisticated, hip shoe for boys and girls.  The Andy is for the sporty, urban child in your life.  The practical yet stylish VELCRO bands make for easy putting on and taking off of the show which all parents appreciate.

Not only are Vincent Shoes affordably priced but they also offer free shipping, exchanges and returns on orders over $75 which you can easily spend here on a couple of pairs of great shoes for your kids!

Good job Vincent!

Where to buy: Vincent Shoes

Oh Five! Baby Shoes

Madelyn loves to play with her feet. Now, she loves them even more that it is cold outside and I put her Oh! Five shoes on her when we go out. I know she would chew on her shoes (while on her feet) if she could because she loves the texture of her Oh! Five shoes. She will appreciate the shoes even more when she starts to walk. Meanwhile, I appreciate them tremendously because they are so super cute!

Her Oh! Five shoes are super soft and flexible allowing her toes to move as they would when she doesn’t have shoes on which I think is very important.  It is just like having thick socks on, but the shoes are much more stylish.

Oh! Five baby shoes are made with soft leather so as to not hinder foot growth, and are machine washable. How cool is that!?  These shoes are very light weight so they don’t feel strange on baby’s foot.

Oh! Five shoes have rubber ‘dots’ on the bottom so baby has friction on smooth surfaces.  Oh! Five shoes will fit wide baby feet as well.

Oh! Fives shoes can be purchased for babies ages 0-18 months and there are a lot of styles to choose from for boys and girls so you buy several pairs.

Get your Oh! Five baby shoes today! I  noticed on their website today, that they are offering free shipping.

Where to buy: Oh! Five

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