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Oh Five! Baby Shoes

Madelyn loves to play with her feet. Now, she loves them even more that it is cold outside and I put her Oh! Five shoes on her when we go out. I know she would chew on her shoes (while on her feet) if she could because she loves the texture of her Oh! Five shoes. She will appreciate the shoes even more when she starts to walk. Meanwhile, I appreciate them tremendously because they are so super cute!

Her Oh! Five shoes are super soft and flexible allowing her toes to move as they would when she doesn’t have shoes on which I think is very important.  It is just like having thick socks on, but the shoes are much more stylish.

Oh! Five baby shoes are made with soft leather so as to not hinder foot growth, and are machine washable. How cool is that!?  These shoes are very light weight so they don’t feel strange on baby’s foot.

Oh! Five shoes have rubber ‘dots’ on the bottom so baby has friction on smooth surfaces.  Oh! Five shoes will fit wide baby feet as well.

Oh! Fives shoes can be purchased for babies ages 0-18 months and there are a lot of styles to choose from for boys and girls so you buy several pairs.

Get your Oh! Five baby shoes today! I  noticed on their website today, that they are offering free shipping.

Where to buy: Oh! Five

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