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Submitting a product for review on The Mommy Insider, mom & baby product review blog is easy and free of charge.  All you have to do is send at least one non-returnable sample along with a press kit (if you have one) after completing the form below.

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What will I review on The Mommy Insider?

I review products that are useful to a parent, baby, or child including but not limited to children’s books, clothing, food & drinks, hotels, cruises, diaper bags, bibs, strollers, music, gadgets (I love gadgets!), beauty & health products, organic products, home office electronics, handbags, and handmade items.

I am an upbeat, happy mom and editor which is why you won’t find negative reviews on The Mommy Insider. If I find fault in a product or don’t like it, I won’t review it.  My time with my family and work is too valuable to me to spend it on writing negative reviews.

Product review turn around time and how to expedite the review process

At any given time I have over 70 products waiting to be reviewed and because I am the sole editor of The Mommy Insider reviews are often published 3-4 weeks out.
If your product is seasonal, time sensitive or you simply need/want to expedite the review process, I require that at least $100 worth of product is sent for my/my family’s personal use and that you offer extra identical products or gift certificates valued at a total of at least $100 for giveaway to lucky readers.  If you can not send extra samples or giveaway product(s), the fee to expedite the review process is $100 and the product review will be published within 7 business days of receiving the product sample(s).  Please email me with “Request to expedite review” in the subject line after submitting the form below.  Learn more about why I charge a fee to expedite the review process, here.

Children’s clothing reviews: Expedite the review process by sending size 4 or 5T (girl) or size 14 (boy) clothing.  Please email me for shoe and other sizes.

After you fill out the product review submission form below go ahead and mail the sample(s) you would like reviewed.
I am not able to respond to every product review submission that is emailed/submitted to me but if you’d like to ensure a response or have a question about whether I will review a product or not or how long the process will take, email me with “product review process question” in the subject line.

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