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Chelsea Baby baby headband and snap-on bouquet

For your Princess – Chelsea Baby Headband and Snap-On Bouquet

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Chelsea Baby Bouquet Headband

My daughter loves to play dress up.  She changes into ‘fancy clothes’ soon after she gets home from school almost every day.  She’s not lazy about changing into her fancy clothes either!  Fancy shoes, leggings or tights, a sweater, sometimes a tutu, a bit of blush, and always some sort of hair accessory.  Today she was so excited when she saw what she received from, a beautiful headband and snap-on bouquet.  She tried the headband with her hair up first then decided it would look prettier with her hair down.  Such a tough decision, right?

For that little girl who likes to do exactly that “Dress up” this darling lavender, tulle and pink, green, & purple striped grosgrain ribbon completes the look!

Chelsea Baby offers the headband in lavender, hot pink, light pink, and lime green and there are currently 10 bouquet options.  The bouquet you see in the photo above is called “Dress Up”.  Fitting name, isn’t it?  I love the idea of a snap-on bouquet.

Chelsea Baby’s headbands and bouquets are whimsical, fun, and fancy. Perfect for your little princess! 

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Disclosure: My daughter received a headband and bouquet for review from Chelsea Baby.  All opinions are 100% my own.


Alicia Hagan, Editor

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