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Stylish baby and kids shoes? Vincent Shoes have done it.  Vincent Shoes are amazing.  Vincent Shoes, a relatively new company, is already selling their super cute shoes world wide and is making parents everywhere VERY happy. No longer are we forced to buy the mainstream shoe brands for our VIK’s (very important kids).  There is a Vincent Shoe for every climate, and personality.

The most exciting Vincent Shoe (according to Sebastian) is the Kasper. The Kasper, pictured to the left, is a stylish cold-weather boot for both boys and girls.  The Kasper is sold in toddler and children’s sizes. Sebastian has worn the Kasper almost every day since I opened the box and has provided rave reviews such as "these are the most awesome shoes ever, Mom!". He even wears them to school despite the fact that it has been in the 60’s and 70’s here in Atlanta, Georgia. Sebastian thinks the Kasper is extremely comfortable. He loves the drawstring at the top of the boot which is meant to keep snow (invisible snow here in Georgia) or rain out.  On the days that it did get down to the 30’s here, his feet stayed nice and warm when wearing his Kasper’s outside.


Meanwhile, Madelyn received a pair of ‘Love" mary janes which are absolutely adorable. These are great for pre-walkers and walkers alike. Once she starts walking I can see her wearing these all of the time. The ‘Love’ shoe is great for a day at the park, at home, at school, and for her Sunday

best!  You can choose from several colors.

This last shoe I have to tell you about is one of my all time favorite shoes. It is the ‘Andy’.  The Andy
is such a cute, sophisticated, hip shoe for boys and girls.  The Andy is for the sporty, urban child in your life.  The practical yet stylish VELCRO bands make for easy putting on and taking off of the show which all parents appreciate.

Not only are Vincent Shoes affordably priced but they also offer free shipping, exchanges and returns on orders over $75 which you can easily spend here on a couple of pairs of great shoes for your kids!

Good job Vincent!

Where to buy: Vincent Shoes

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