Little Girl’s Fashion Guide: 4 Glitter Headbands on Etsy
Little Girl's Fashion Guide: 4 Glitter Headbands on Etsy

Girl’s Fashion Guide: 4 Glittery Headbands on Etsy

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I love Etsy.  I find the most unique, fun, and inspiring things there.  Most of the time I go to Etsy to browse midnlessly but today after getting a request from my daughter to get her a glittery headband I went straight to to find some!

I was not disappointed!

I found the cutest headbands, some that I would even consider wearing when/if my hair is long again. Hair accessories are something that every little girl seems to collect and actually use, unlike pencil toppers.. that’s another story, so I don’t mind her having an abundance of them. 🙂

Here are a few of my daughter’s favorite glittery headbands on Etsy:

(These items are available now – today – but due to the nature of Etsy, they may not be available long)

Glitter headbands on Etsy

1 – Wide Glitter Headband – $10
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2 – Non-Slip Thin Glitter/Sparkle Headband lined with Velvet – $5.25
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3 – Glitter headbands – 3 for $7.50
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4 – Red Glitter Headband – $20
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Is your daughter into glittery things?  Have you found a super cute headband online?  Share with us in the comments below!

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