4 Adorable Ballet Flats for Little Girls
4 Adorable Ballet Flats for Little Girls

Little Girl Fashion Guide: 4 Adorable Ballet Flats for Little Girls

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Gone are the days when little girls run around in ‘play shoes’ all day, every day. Now little girls, at least mine, want to wear cute shoes whenever they can.  My daughter plays dress up and when some girls might want to wear mom’s high heels, my daughter is perfectly happy in a pair of sparkly ballet flats.

Here are a few of my daughter’s favorite ballet flats.. as of today. 🙂

Little Girl Ballet Flats

1 – OLD SOLES Kids’ Cruise Ballet Shoes (Powder Pink) at Shoes.com – $60

2 – Lelli Kelly Kids’ Fiocco Fluo Shoes (Orange) at Shoes.com – $40

3 – Cole Haan Kids’ Air Tali Buckle  Shoes (Black) at Shoes.com – $64

4 – Sam Edelman Kids’ Fiona (Silver Glitter) at Shoes.com – $50

Does your daughter have a favorite shoe style?

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