Cleaning Up After Kids with BISSELL PowerGlide Vacuums with Lift Off Technology + BISSELL Promo Code
Cleaning Up After Kids with BISSELL PowerGlide Vacuums with Lift Off Technology + BISSELL Promo Code

Cleaning Up After Kids with BISSELL PowerGlide Vacuums with Lift Off Technology + BISSELL Promo Code

by Alicia in Cleaning & Cleaners

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This post brought to you by BISSELL Homecare, Inc.. All opinions are 100% mine.

School is back in session and so are sports.  What does that have to do with vacuuming you ask?


It never fails that as soon as we get home from lacrosse or soccer, along with the sports equipment, dirt and grass get dragged into the house.  It would be very smart of me to hold off on vacuuming until after sports but being the way I am, whenever I see a leaf or dirt on the carpet I immediately vacuum it up.  I can’t stand seeing gunk on the floor.  That goes for my car too. I keep meaning to get a handheld vacuum just to keep in the car but I always forget.  One of these days.

Here are the steps we take when after sports games or practices these days to help combat big messes.. or so I thought:

  1. Wipe off soccer ball, lacrosse stick, self, gear bag, etc… before we get in the car after practice or game
  2. Take shoes off in the car and put them in a bag
  3. Here’s where trouble happens.. my daughter forgets that she wiped her ball off and kicks it from the car to the house getting the soccer ball and her socks dirty
  4. and.. my son just HAS to bounce and pick up the lacrosse ball with the lacrosse stick a few times before making it to the front door.
  5. This leads to grass and dirt STILL getting in the house

BUT.. I’ve learned..

to have my 14-year-old vacuum the messes.. right away!  Yes!! I’m finally figuring this whole parenting thing out.

The BISSELL PowerGlide with Lift-Off Technology makes it easy for parents to quickly and practically effortlessly clean up messes left behind by kids and pets.  This vacuum is powerful, yet lightweight enough to quickly tackle all sorts of messes.  We have two flights of stairs in our home and because I’m so darn smart, 🙂 I came up with the bright idea of having a full size vacuum on both levels of the house.  But.. when one of the vacuums went kaput I had to get the other vacuum up the stairs and I was not thrilled about that.  Which vacuum was left?  Our 20 pound vacuum, that’s which one!  Where many vacuums are around 20 pounds these days because of all of the powerful features, most of the BISSELL vacuums are right around 16 pounds.

BISSELL PowerGlide Vacuum with Lift Off Technology Key Features:

  • No loss of suction
  • One-step removable pod for portable cleaning (love this!)
  • Long-stretch hose (great for cleaning steps and ceiling fans)
  • Swivel steering for easy maneuverability
  • Adjustable handle for easy use and storage
  • 12-inch foot for stability
  • Large capacity dirt cup
  • 27-foot cord (wow!)
  • Included TurboBrush and crevice tool (perfect for car cleaning)

Do you use your vacuum to..

  • clean out kitchen cabinets once every few months?
  • get the dust off your vents?
  • clean your computer keyboards?
  • get the crumbs from under the stove and refrigerator?

Vacuums with crevice attachments and powerful suction like the BISSELL PowerGlide vacuums can help with these daunting tasks that really should be done at least once a month.

Did I miss any odd and end uses?

Check out the BISSELL cleaning tips and enter to win their sweepstakes on Facebook.  To enter to win a BISSELL PowerGlide with Lift-Off Technology vacuum, all you need to do is share a photograph of a spectacular mess that only a vacuum can tackle.  If your house is like my house, that will be a cinch!

BISSELL Promo Code!

Use the promo code POWERGLIDE through 11/30/2013 to get $20 off plus free shipping on the following products:

  • PowerGlide Pet Vacuum with Lift-Off Technology
  • PowerGlide Pet Bagged Rewind Vacuum
  • PowerGlide Pet Vacuum

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