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5 Fancasual (Fancy + Casual) Dresses For Little Girls Sizes 4-14

Madelyn, my 7-year-old, informed me a few days ago that she is ready to clean her closet of any dresses she hasn’t worn in a few days.  A few days?  She said that if she hasn’t worn them in a few days they aren’t a favorite and should be given to a little girl who will appreciate them.  Seriously, I thought.. she actually heard something I said?!

So, we went through her closet and took out a bunch of stuff most of which was too small and she took out a few dresses that were not too small but she hasn’t worn more than once or twice.   I had to accept that we were getting rid of relatively unworn pieces but we will deliver them to Goodwill and I’m sure there’s a little girl who will love the dresses as much as I did when I bought them for Madelyn.

girl's dress wishlist

I asked Madelyn to come up with a list of what she wants and doesn’t want in “fancasual” dresses.  That ended up being quite the project.  She got a whiteboard and dry erase markers and asked me to make ‘want’ and ‘don’t want’ columns then she spouted off a list of characteristics she’s looking for in a dress.  Maybe she should be a dress designer after all.  I have always thought career choice was an odd one but now that she’s getting older and better able to share her thoughts with me, I see it.

Here are the columns.  I was a good listener despite some of her strange requests like ‘gross, uncomfortable stuff’.  I wanted so badly to ask what dress she’s owned that was gross or had uncomfortable stuff on it?  Really?

Two more  questionable characteristics in her ‘don’t want’ list are blah and ugly sleeves.   As we went through her old dresses I asked if each was ‘blah’ or had ugly sleeves.  What’s an ugly sleeve anyway I asked?  She said “it’s one that’s puffy or has things dangling from it”.  Ok.   We didn’t come across a dress with ugly sleeves so apparently I haven’t made that mistake yet.

Here are 5 dresses that Madelyn hand-picked that meet most of her ‘want’ requirements.

You’ll notice that blue from the ‘don’t want’ column was ignored when it came time to actually choosing dresses. 🙂

Fancy casual dresses for little girls

1 – Splendid ’Sparkle Lux’ Dress  | Available in girl’s sizes 7-8, 10, 12, 14 – $68

2 – Soprano Beaded Peter Pan Collar Sleeveless Dress icon| Available in sizes 7-8, 10-12, 14, 16 – $42

3 – Ella and Lulu Striped Floral Dress icon | Available in sizes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 – $38

4 – Truly Me Stripe Hooded Dress icon| Available in sizes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 – $54

5 – Ella and Lulu Colorblock Dress icon| Available in sizes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 – $38

Madelyn was a little concerned about the beaded collar on dress #2 but when she saw that it is called a Peter Pan Collar, she agreed that might be the best dress ever!


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What is your daughter’s dream dress?  I’d love to know what she says if you ask her! It might be different that you expect. I didn’t expect unicorns and no ‘ugly sleeves’… that’s for sure!

Alicia, The Mommy Insider blog author

Girl’s Fashion Guide: 4 Glittery Headbands on Etsy

I love Etsy.  I find the most unique, fun, and inspiring things there.  Most of the time I go to Etsy to browse midnlessly but today after getting a request from my daughter to get her a glittery headband I went straight to to find some!

I was not disappointed!

I found the cutest headbands, some that I would even consider wearing when/if my hair is long again. Hair accessories are something that every little girl seems to collect and actually use, unlike pencil toppers.. that’s another story, so I don’t mind her having an abundance of them. 🙂

Here are a few of my daughter’s favorite glittery headbands on Etsy:

(These items are available now – today – but due to the nature of Etsy, they may not be available long)

Glitter headbands on Etsy

1 – Wide Glitter Headband – $10
Photo source: 

2 – Non-Slip Thin Glitter/Sparkle Headband lined with Velvet – $5.25
Photo source: 

3 – Glitter headbands – 3 for $7.50
Photo source: 

4 – Red Glitter Headband – $20
Photo source: 

Is your daughter into glittery things?  Have you found a super cute headband online?  Share with us in the comments below!

4 Reasons Kids Should Wear Sunglasses + 4 Cute Pairs of Kids Sunglasses!

On a perfect summer day you and your children are walking into Disney World. You’ve been planning this adventure for months. On your way into the park, you do a last minute check of your bag. Do you have everything? Food, extra clothes, sunblock, and a pair of Ray-Ban Junior glasses?

Why would your child need a pair of sunglasses? For the same reason you need them, for protection from Ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Many people are aware that UV rays can cause sunburns, skin damage, and even cancer.  Less of us are aware that too much sun can cause sunburns on the cornea.  This is a painful reminder to kids and adults to wear sunglasses, but it heals eventually. What doesn’t heal over time are the long-term effects of too much UV. UV is a contributing factor to eye diseases like cataracts. When parents protect their child’s eyes with high-quality sunglasses, they reduce the risk that their child will develop eye problems later in life.

Now all of this may be a lot to think about on a summer day at Disney World.  But during the spring and summer months it is especially important to protect your baby or older child from too much sun. Unfortunately, children are at more risk for eye damage than adults. They are still growing and have less natural eye protection. They are also outside more than adults and have greater sun exposure than Mom and Dad.

How Not Wearing Sunglasses Can Be Harmful for your Child:

  1. Squinting requires muscle activity and can be a contributor to a child’s headache and twitching eyes because (contraction of the muscles).
    Adults should keep in mind that wearing sunglasses will cut down on crows’ feet around their eyes.
  2. UV exposure is harmful to the eyes as well as the skin – Source:
  3. After a long day in the sun, your child’s eyes may be bloodshot, swollen, and light-sensitive. – Source:
  4. Many ophthalmologists educate parents about not only the long-term health risks from UV exposure, such as cataracts, but short-term benefits of wearing sunglasses such as being able to see better in very sunny situations such as on the beach or in an area with a lot of concrete sidewalks such as Disney World, a popular summer vacation destination.

Fortunately, several companies make kids’ sunglasses that are stylish, cool and kid-proof. Ray-Ban, and Julbo Kids Sunglasses, all offer excellent eyewear options for children.

Here are a few kids sunglasses worth taking a look at


Kids Sunglasses

1 – Ray-Ban 65mm Shield Sunglasses (Big Boys) Grey/ Green One Size at Macy’s

2 – Julbo Looping III Sunglasses – Girls’ at REI

3 – Chili’s Jellie Sunglasses at REI

4 – Baby & Kids Sun Smarties Sunglasses with Strap at One Step Ahead

When shopping for your children, look for glasses that are designed for kids with a pair of straps. Adult glasses may not offer the same level of sun protection.  Ray-Ban Junior offers the same level of quality they have on their adult products, but sized for kids.  Julbo Kids Sunglasses offer fun, functional products that are shock-resistant with customized kids frames.  At, you can find products that are comfortable, durable and cool. All these companies offer straps for their glasses.

It can be tempting to buy a pair of toy shades for your little one. Toys only give your baby the illusion of protection during hot summer months. Vendors like offer quality products that have 99-100% UV protection and sturdy construction.

Now is the time to teach your children to take care of their eyes by using quality sunglasses. Just like eating right, if you set the example now, you’ll be giving them a great foundation in life.




National Crime Prevention Council Shares Resources for National Youth Violence | @McGruffatNCPC

National Crime Prevention Council Shares Resources for National Youth Violence Prevention WeekMarch 18 – 22, 2013, marks National Youth Violence Prevention Week in the United States. The week-long observance is dedicated to raising awareness and educating the public on effective ways to prevent youth violence.

The National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC), whose mission it is to help people keep themselves safe from crime, places an immensely high priority on preventing youth violence. To further its mission and contribute to National Youth Violence Prevention Week, NCPC will highlight its resources on youth crime prevention throughout the week.

National Youth Violence Prevention Week is an initiative of the student-driven nonprofit Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE). As part of the initiative, SAVE’s Youth Advisory Board has proposed that the public be called upon to focus on a specific prevention strategy each day of the week. NCPC will highlight the following tips and resources each day this week.

Day 1: Promote Respect and Tolerance (also an NCPC Circle of Respect Initiative): Understanding Respect

Day 2: Conflict Management – Manage Your Anger: Tips for Teen Anger Management

Day 3: Resolve Conflicts Peacefully: Conflict Resolution Tips

Day 4: Support Safety: Tips for Protecting Yourself from Violent Crime and Increasing Personal Safety

Day 5: Unite in Action: Organize a Celebrate Safe Communities Event in Your Neighborhood

In addition to the five days for strategies, NCPC encourages the public to view its own listing of strategies to learn what everyone – adults and teens – can do to prevent teen violence year round.
About the National Crime Prevention Council

The National Crime Prevention Council is the nonprofit leader in crime prevention. For more than 30 years, our symbol of safety, McGruff the Crime Dog®, has delivered easy-to-use crime prevention tips that protect what matters most—you, your family, and your community. Law enforcement agencies nationwide rely on our expertise to make an impact on personal safety and crime every day. For more information on how NCPC can be a public safety expert for you or how to “Take A Bite Out Of Crime®,” visit

Become a fan of NCPC:  Friend us on Facebook | Follow us on Twitter | Find us on YouTube

Oscar de la Renta Knows How to Dress a Child for the Holidays!

Oscar de la Renta..a name I grew up familiar with.  Not because I wore Oscar de la Renta clothes as a child but because the store my mother shopped at sold Oscar de la Renta and I would play in the isles while she tried on what seemed to be endless amounts of clothing and shoes.

When I cam across their winter children’s wear line recently, I fell in love in an instant.  The designs are gorgeously classic and the pieces are timeless fashion statements.

Here are two outfits I put together for my son and daughter:

Oscar de la Renta children's clothing
My Favorite Oscar de la Renta Children's Holiday Outfit for my daugther

This outfit’s main piece is the Plaid Gathered Sleeve Dress – $325

The ballet shoes are the icing on the cake.  The Sabrina ballet flats are crafted in Spain with luxurious velvet, leather soles and finished with a dainty bow. With styling so classic, your daughter will be able to wear these flats with jeans, a tutu, or her favorite dress.

Did you know that Oscar de la Renta has coordinating outfits for little girls and boys!  Maybe that’s the stitch that will bind my two together.. finally?

Sebastian, my 13 year old son, likes to wear stylish button down shirts but he pairs them with cargo pants most of the time.  That’s a little painful for me to see.  Better than basketball shorts to school every day though, isn’t it?

Here is the outfit that I picked out for my son:

Oscar de la Renta children's wear - Boys
My pick of Oscar de la Renta clothes for my son

The small check plaid shirt is right up Sebastian’s alley.  He loves checks and plaids.  I would totally wear this Cashmere V-Neck Sweater when he’s not wearing it but seeing as how he loves soft sweaters, I think my opportunities would be slim.  And don’t these shoes look so cool.. and comfortable?


What I love about Oscar de la Renta’s pieces is that they can be passed down from generation to generation.  It’s not just the classic designs of his children’s clothing, but the quality that make the pieces timeless, don’t you agree?  Some parents may wonder if they will get their return on investment if they buy their child an Oscar de la Renta dress or sweater.  Remember, that dress or sweater will be worn many times, and will likely be handed down or given to a family member who’s child will also wear it many times.

Do you already have your children’s holiday clothes picked out?