Fun News & Giveaway: What celebrities did before becoming famous

I stumbled across this information this morning, not sure how, and had to share it with you.  I find some of the pre-celebrity jobs fascinating such as the coffin polishing __________ (ya’ gotta keep reading!).   Do you know what a celebrity did before becoming famous? What about Prince, Kate Gosselin (yes, her), or Tom Cruise<UPDATE:  The celebrities I listed have all been listed by now.. be creative in your celebrity search! Do the research and leave the info, including a link to the source, in the comments below and I will give one random commenter a $10 gift certificate!  Entries will be accepted until 10pm May 29th and I will announce the winner right here in this post!

Whoopi Goldberg was a bricklayer.  That’s a tough job!

Russell Crowe was a waiter.  I’m sure he got some great tips from the ladies.

Gwen Stefani’s previous job was as a Dairy Queen cleaner.  Wacky huh?

Johnny Depp was a telemarketer!  What a bummer..wasting his good looks by sitting in a cubicle bugging people on the phone.

Pink was a McDonald’s worker.

Simon Cowell worked in the post room.

Madonna worked in a doughnut factory.  WHAT?

Colin Farrell was a dance teacher.  Not the suspected sexy kind of dancing.. line dancing!

Barack Obama was an ice cream seller.  How much more ‘all-American’ can you get?

Geri Halliwell, pre Spice Girls, was a Turkish game show hostess.  Huh, can you picture that?

Brad Pitt was a chicken dancer for a Mexican restaurant.  His job was to entice people to eat at the restaurant.  Couldn’t he have just stood there as himself, not a chicken?

Harrison Ford was a carpenter.  I can’t really vision that one.

Sean Connery was a coffin polisher.  I can vision that.

Annie Lennox was a waitress at a cafe in North London.

Source: Virgin Media

Congratulations to the winner of the gift certificate, Lily K.!

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  1. In September 1950, ELVIS PRESLEY occasionally worked evenings as an usher at Loew’s State Theater — his first job to boost the family income, but his mother made him quit as she feared it was affecting his school work. He worked again at Loew’s in June the following year, but was fired after a fistfight over a female employee.


  2. * Before he was Knocked Up and Superbad, director Judd Apatow washed dishes in a comedy club just to get close to the comedians.

    * “The Office” star Steve Carrell puts in crazy hours to film his sitcom, but he’s used to it: He was a third-shift cashier at the Store 24 convenience store.

    * Simon Cowell worked his music industry connections even way back when. His first job was as a mailroom clerk for EMI Music Publishing where his father worked.

    * Miley Cyrus scrubbed toilets at age 11 — but did she wield the brush as Miley or Hannah Montana?

    * Johnny Depp sold pens over the phone before his acting debut in Nightmare on Elm Street. Yes, it’s weird, but so is he — in a good way.

    * Do you want funny with that? Tina Fey worked at a swimming pool snack bar at age 14 — long before “30 Rock” and “Saturday Night Live.”

    * Before taking orders from Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada, Anne Hathaway had an even more demanding boss: The 3-year-old she babysat.

    * “American Idol” alum and Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson started her working life at Burger King. After mentioning the company in an interview, BK made sure she never has to pay for another Whopper (or any other of the chain’s food) for the rest of her life.

    * Long before she was one of the “Desperate Housewives,” Eva Longoria apparently was desperate for work. She was hired as a cashier at Wendy’s at age 13 after forging documents to appear older.

    * Not to be outdone by Longoria, Dwayne Johnson, AKA The Rock, washed dishes at a Hawaii pizza place when he was 13.
    * David Letterman made his mark in retail before taking over the land of late night talk shows. He was a stock boy at Atlas grocery store in Indianapolis.

    * Reality star and metal god Ozzy Osbourne worked in a slaughterhouse — practice for biting the heads off doves?

    * The Wrestler star Mickey Rourke is well-known for getting into fights. You may already know he worked as a professional boxer, but even before that, he was fired from one of his first jobs as an usher for brawling with a coworker.

    * Call him the Good Humor man? Howard Stern worked as an ice cream truck driver.

    * Country sensation — and yes, another “American Idol” alum — Carrie Underwood first worked her pipes over the gas station intercom as a cashier.

  3. BOB BARKER WAS A NAVY FIGHTER PILOT in WWII!!! How awesome is that. Another little fun fact: he also studied martial arts under CHUCK NORRIS!

  4. Rod Stewart worked as a grave digger. Your comments were funny. I cna see Harrison Ford as a carpenter. He has the build for an Here’s the link I found the info

  5. At an early age, Tom Cruise joined a seminary in order to become a priest.


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