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Fun News & Giveaway: What celebrities did before becoming famous

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I stumbled across this information this morning, not sure how, and had to share it with you.  I find some of the pre-celebrity jobs fascinating such as the coffin polishing __________ (ya’ gotta keep reading!).   Do you know what a celebrity did before becoming famous? What about Prince, Kate Gosselin (yes, her), or Tom Cruise<UPDATE:  The celebrities I listed have all been listed by now.. be creative in your celebrity search! Do the research and leave the info, including a link to the source, in the comments below and I will give one random commenter a $10 gift certificate!  Entries will be accepted until 10pm May 29th and I will announce the winner right here in this post!

Whoopi Goldberg was a bricklayer.  That’s a tough job!

Russell Crowe was a waiter.  I’m sure he got some great tips from the ladies.

Gwen Stefani’s previous job was as a Dairy Queen cleaner.  Wacky huh?

Johnny Depp was a telemarketer!  What a bummer..wasting his good looks by sitting in a cubicle bugging people on the phone.

Pink was a McDonald’s worker.

Simon Cowell worked in the post room.

Madonna worked in a doughnut factory.  WHAT?

Colin Farrell was a dance teacher.  Not the suspected sexy kind of dancing.. line dancing!

Barack Obama was an ice cream seller.  How much more ‘all-American’ can you get?

Geri Halliwell, pre Spice Girls, was a Turkish game show hostess.  Huh, can you picture that?

Brad Pitt was a chicken dancer for a Mexican restaurant.  His job was to entice people to eat at the restaurant.  Couldn’t he have just stood there as himself, not a chicken?

Harrison Ford was a carpenter.  I can’t really vision that one.

Sean Connery was a coffin polisher.  I can vision that.

Annie Lennox was a waitress at a cafe in North London.

Source: Virgin Media

Congratulations to the winner of the gift certificate, Lily K.!

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