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Product Review: Burpee Money Garden $650 of veggies for just $10.. my 9 year old can do it, so can you!

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b450151It’s true. If you buy a lot of vegetables, organic at that, you will cut your grocery bill quite a bit just by growing your own veggies. “But that’s so hard”, some say. Well, if I can do it (actually my 9 year old son does it), then you can.

Each Money Garden includes vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots, and peppers which are ideal for every day snacks and meals. Madelyn loves a snack of carrots and dip. Knowing that the carrots are fresh. Some of the veggies should be sown in the spring while there are some that can be sown in late summer so buy a package or enter to win a package (below) today so you can get a move on sowing your veggie seeds for a nice Fall crop.

A few homegrown vegetable and Money Garden facts:

  • homegrown veggies taste better than store-bought
  • they don’t sit in a truck or on a store shelf for a week or more
  • they can be organic
  • and if your kids help plant the seeds and maintain the garden, they will be proud of themselves and learn responsibility!

tomotosThe photograph here is of Sebastian’s tomato plant which he is very proud of. He can’t wait until they tomatoes are ready to eat!
Each Money Garden contains packages of six easy-to-grow varieties capable of producing $650 worth of vegetables on a mere tenth of an acre. You can buy Burpee’s Money Garden package for your garden here. The sowing/growing instructions aren’t included on the package so you’ll want to print them out from here.

I have 4 Burpee’s Money Garden packages to give away to lucky subscribers! Subscribers just need to leave a comment below (use your subscriber email address) telling me what your favorite vegetable is and/or something funny about your kids and veggies.

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