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Jennifer Garner and Her Real-Life Dog Martha to Star in Hit PBS KIDS® Series Martha Speaks – Feb. 4th on PBS KIDS

Jennifer Garner on all new Martha Speaks on PBS Kids®Click image to watch video preview on YouTube

Martha Speaks is one of the shows that my daughter has been drawn to.  She’s 6 and still enjoys Martha Speaks.  We even went to see a puppet show at a local theater here in Atlanta, based on Martha Speaks.  You could say she’s a fan!

The popular PBS KIDS series Martha Speaks continues its fourth season with a special episode featuring actress and super mom Jennifer Garner. Garner, mother to three young children with actor/director Ben Affleck, will be animated alongside her dog, whose name also happens to be Martha. Her appearance on Martha Speaks adds to her advocacy efforts on behalf of children’s literacy. Garner, whose mom was an English teacher, is an artist ambassador for Save the Children’s early education programs and has worked to promote legislation that ensures quality early education and literacy for children.

“Ms. Garner shares the same passion for reading and dogs we do,” says executive producer Carol Greenwald. ” We were thrilled to have her lend her talents to this episode.”

Martha Speaks on PBS KIDS

In “Too Many Marthas,” Martha is asked to sing at an animal rescue fundraiser and she’s thrilled. But on the day of the concert, Martha gets mixed up with another Martha – a dog belonging to a lady named Jennifer (Jennifer Garner). Can Martha help Jennifer locate her missing pup before it’s time to sing? Kids can tune-in and learn new words like number, aria, and a capella.

Also airing is the brand-new episode “Too Much Martha.” In this episode, Martha’s constant pursuit of snacks has added some extra pounds and the vet says she needs to lose some weight. The family resolves to help Martha control her portions and maintain a balanced diet, but when Martha learns what this means, she’s pretty fed up. No more late-night pizza?

Tune in for this brand-new Martha Speaks Monday, February 4, 2013 on PBS KIDS (check local listings).

It’s Official! Prince William And Duchess Kate Are Expecting A Baby! #RoyalBaby

Kate Middleton pregnant newsBuckingham Palace has announced that the royal couple are expecting their first child. The duchess has been admitted to the hospital, suffering acute morning sickness.

I have to admit that when I first heard that Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, was hospitalized for acute morning sickness I thought really.. she’s been hospitalized for something that most pregnant women have to suffer through?  Then I dug deeper and learned that Kate is suffering from hyperemisis which is like morning sickness on steroids resulting in the possibility that Kate is not able to hold any food down which depletes her body of vital nutrients.   Doctor’s believe that hyperemisis could be linked to hormonal changes that occur in during the first trimester of a pregnancy.

I think it’s wise that Kate Middleton was admitted to the hospital as I’d much rather think Kate’s doctors are reacting or even overreacting to her condition than hear that she lost a baby.

It is believed that Kate Middleton is not past 12 week point in her pregnancy and the big baby announcement was rushed out because of the unexpected visit to the hospital.

Watch this video to learn more about Kate’s pregnancy:

Thank to you Gina with for sharing this fabulous news with

Do you have name recommendations for Prince William and Duchess Kate?

Baby Names!!

What do you think of Frances for a baby boy or Matilda for a baby girl? Tell us what you think they should name their baby in the comments below.

Lisa Loeb Interview: Lisa on Motherhood, Kids, and Creativity

Lisa Loeb Interview
Lisa Loeb

I had such a great time during the Crayola “Inside the Crayon Box” live chat with Lisa Loeb a couple of weeks ago and was thrilled when I was given the opportunity through MyBlogSpark and Crayola to ask Lisa a few more questions after the live chat.   Lisa Loeb has been in my live since I was in college.. 1995-ish.  Remember her hit song Stay (I Missed You)?  I listened to that song thousands of times.  Lisa stands out as a creative artist to me because her songs are honest and emotional.  There’s depth to Lisa’s music and during my recent chat with her and the interview answers, I learned that Lisa really is very creative, honest and passionate about life, being a mother, her music and her new book Lisa Loeb’s Silly Sing-Along: The Disappointing Pancake and Other Zany Songs.

So, on with the interview.

Me: If you were stuck in a room with colored paper clips what would you do with them? 

Lisa: I’d probably put one on each fingertip and pretend they’re long colorful fingernails.  That was a dream of my sister and I when we were young, to have long nails, and I think we used to do this trick with the paperclips.

Me: What is the biggest challenge you have faced being a relatively new parent?

Lisa: The biggest challenge is making sure I get enough sleep. Sleep fuels me for the day, emotionally, physically, creatively, and I’m a better wife, mother, and creative person when I get enough. I have to remind myself that my two-year-old daughter has her own inner alarm clock, which is pretty regular, so I need to respect that and plan my sleep accordingly. When sleep is properly planned, everything’s more fun. There are a number of interesting parenting things I’m learning about as well, like discipline, and learning to tell my daughter “no,” which I guess is part of discipline. But, that being said, sleep really makes everything easier for everyone.

Me: What websites do you turn to for parenting tips and advice?

Lisa: I look at all kinds of sites, from, to, to  Often I look up a subject and then troll around the Internet looking for information that helps.

Me: What’s your take on elementary and middle schools cutting funding for art classes/programs?

Lisa: I think art classes and programs as well as physical education classes and programs are a major part of our responsibility to our kids. The creative and physical element of a child’s life really enhances the rest of their ability to learn and experience life. Cutting the budget for these things really deprives a child of what they need to become a well-rounded human.

Me: What is one thing that you wish someone had told you about being a new mom, before your daughter was born?  (I wish someone told me….)

Lisa: I have so many books and advice that people gave me about being a new mom… I’m trying to think about what they didn’t say. I guess that the first few months are really exciting and beautiful with a new child, but it’s also like a hazing period.  I didn’t realize that something as basic as learning how to put a child to sleep could seem so complicated.  I had heard that the love you feel for your child is so unbelievable, and they were right.

For more Lisa Loeb interview questions watch Crayola’s “Inside the Crayon Box” Chat with Lisa Loeb video below.  It’s 45 minutes long and it really is worth it to watch the entire video so get comfy and enjoy!

Be sure to check out Lisa’s book Lisa Loeb’s Silly Sing-Along: The Disappointing Pancake and Other Zany Songs (Sterling Children’s Books, 2011) available at Barnes & Noble and Sing, laugh, and play with pop Lisa in this fabulous collection of ten of the silliest songs ever. Fun activities, games, and recipes accompany whimsical songs. Take Lisa’s Silly Sing-Along with you wherever you go and get the high-spirited good times started. Includes a 10-song CD recorded by Lisa!

Connect with Lisa Loeb

Connect with Crayola

Join me at the “Inside the Crayon Box” Facebook Chat with Crayola and Lisa Loeb March 7th!

The first “Inside the Crayon Box” live chat is tonight, Wednesday, March 7 at 9 p.m. EST or 8 p.m CST.

Lisa Loeb Crayola Inside the Box Live Facebook Chat

If you find yourself looking for new ways to inspire your children to express their ideas and build their creativity, you’ll want to join us to learn and share!

Join Crayola and musician, children’s author and mom, Lisa Loeb for a 45-minute live streaming video chat on the Crayola Facebook Page.  Lisa, best-known for her number one hit “Stay (I Missed You),” will share as personal stories, practical advice and ways she brings a little creative play into every day for her daughter.

Participants will be encouraged to ask Lisa questions during the event, too!


Lisa Loeb Crayola Inside the Box Live Facebook Chat

Topics to be covered during the chat:

  • Why Does Creativity Matter? Creativity is not about who´s the best artists or becoming an architect. It´s a way of thinking that encourages kids´ original ideas and develops their confidence.
  • Growing Up Creative. Lisa will share stories about growing up in a home where creativity was encouraged.
  • Simple Tips. Easy Ideas. Like most moms, Lisa juggles a lot. She´ll share simple, easy ways she sparks her daughter´s creativity as part of their daily routine.

“Creativity Matters”



If you are a huge Lisa Loeb fan like I am, check out Lisa’s book Lisa Loeb’s Silly Sing-Along: The Disappointing Pancake and Other Zany Songs (Sterling Children´s Books, 2011) available at Barnes & Noble and Sing, laugh, and play with pop Lisa in this fabulous collection of ten of the silliest songs ever. Fun activities, games, and recipes accompany whimsical songs. Take Lisa’s Silly Sing-Along with you wherever you go and get the high-spirited good times started. Includes a 10-song CD recorded by Lisa!

To learn more about the tools from Crayola that make it easy for parents to help children develop their creativity and like Crayola on Facebook!

Alicia Hagan, Editor

Disclosure:  The Crayola “Inside the Crayon Box” prize pack, product information and prize pack for giveaway have been provided by Crayola through MyBlogSpark.

A Bunch of Crap: Bill O’Reilly says “Whitney Houston Wanted to Kill Herself”

Whitney Houston Bill O'Reilly

Bill O’Reilly made what I consider to be a very disrepectful statement about singer Whitney Houston, only two days after her body was discovered in a hotel room.

During a segment on “The O’Reilly Factor” Monday, Bill O’Reilly stated that because Whitney Houston was taking so many medications, she was “trying to kill herself”.  WHAT?  He also said that “doctors were to blame for willingly prescribing her so many medications.”

“Whitney Houston wanted to kill herself. Nobody takes drugs for that long if they want to stay on the planet.”

Watch the segment when Bill O’Reilly makes this statement, below:


My thoughts on Bill O’Reilly’s comment and drug abuse/use:

  • I believe that the majority of people who abuse drugs are NOT trying to kill themselves – Do you agree or disagree?  Please share your opinion in the comments below.
  • Drug addicts general take drugs to feel better, not to feel worse, or to die.
  • In a perfect world, doctors would consider a patients medical history and current perscriptions before prescribing medications but as we all know, that is not the case.

Whitney may have been depressed, like many people, but I strongly disagree with Mr. O’Reilly’s statement that she ‘wanted to kill herself’.  Or Whitney Houston may have been using drugs for recreational purposes, which I do not condone but it’s a possibility, right?

What do you think about O’Reilly’s statement?