It’s Official! Prince William And Duchess Kate Are Expecting A Baby!
Kate Middleton is pregnant!

It’s Official! Prince William And Duchess Kate Are Expecting A Baby! #RoyalBaby

by Alicia in Celebrity Moms

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Kate Middleton pregnant newsBuckingham Palace has announced that the royal couple are expecting their first child. The duchess has been admitted to the hospital, suffering acute morning sickness.

I have to admit that when I first heard that Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, was hospitalized for acute morning sickness I thought really.. she’s been hospitalized for something that most pregnant women have to suffer through?  Then I dug deeper and learned that Kate is suffering from hyperemisis which is like morning sickness on steroids resulting in the possibility that Kate is not able to hold any food down which depletes her body of vital nutrients.   Doctor’s believe that hyperemisis could be linked to hormonal changes that occur in during the first trimester of a pregnancy.

I think it’s wise that Kate Middleton was admitted to the hospital as I’d much rather think Kate’s doctors are reacting or even overreacting to her condition than hear that she lost a baby.

It is believed that Kate Middleton is not past 12 week point in her pregnancy and the big baby announcement was rushed out because of the unexpected visit to the hospital.

Watch this video to learn more about Kate’s pregnancy:

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Do you have name recommendations for Prince William and Duchess Kate?

Baby Names!!

What do you think of Frances for a baby boy or Matilda for a baby girl? Tell us what you think they should name their baby in the comments below.

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