A Bunch of Crap: Bill O’Reilly says
A Bunch of Crap: Bill O'Reilly says

A Bunch of Crap: Bill O’Reilly says “Whitney Houston Wanted to Kill Herself”

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Whitney Houston Bill O'Reilly

Bill O’Reilly made what I consider to be a very disrepectful statement about singer Whitney Houston, only two days after her body was discovered in a hotel room.

During a segment on “The O’Reilly Factor” Monday, Bill O’Reilly stated that because Whitney Houston was taking so many medications, she was “trying to kill herself”.  WHAT?  He also said that “doctors were to blame for willingly prescribing her so many medications.”

“Whitney Houston wanted to kill herself. Nobody takes drugs for that long if they want to stay on the planet.”

Watch the segment when Bill O’Reilly makes this statement, below:


My thoughts on Bill O’Reilly’s comment and drug abuse/use:

  • I believe that the majority of people who abuse drugs are NOT trying to kill themselves – Do you agree or disagree?  Please share your opinion in the comments below.
  • Drug addicts general take drugs to feel better, not to feel worse, or to die.
  • In a perfect world, doctors would consider a patients medical history and current perscriptions before prescribing medications but as we all know, that is not the case.

Whitney may have been depressed, like many people, but I strongly disagree with Mr. O’Reilly’s statement that she ‘wanted to kill herself’.  Or Whitney Houston may have been using drugs for recreational purposes, which I do not condone but it’s a possibility, right?

What do you think about O’Reilly’s statement?

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