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Wordlocks review + giveaway!

by Alicia in Gadgets, Safety, Travel

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WordlocksWhen I was in high school, I was afraid that I would lose my locker combination and wouldn’t be able to get my books and homework out of my locker.   I had nightmares about it and would think about it so much that I set myself up for combination failure.   I’m not kidding. High school was a tough time.

Now, there is a product called Wordlock that I think is just great!  Using words instead of numbers, our kids can secure their locker, bicycle, ‘treasure box’ and more.

Wordlocks are locks that have letters instead of numbers so you
can come up with easy-to-recall 4 or 5 letter word or letter combos like your
child’s favorite food, C-A-N-D-Y. Wordlocks are ideal for parents with
children because children often forget number combinations, and parents often misplace
the sheet of paper with the combination on it.

Wordlocks come in padlocks, bike locks and
travel locks.  The bike lock is great for those times when your child might forget a numeric combination and you aren’t available for him to call and ask "hey mom, what’s my bike lock combination again"?  Now, he can set an easy to remember word combination.   Wordlock padlocks are great for outdoor pool gates, yard gates, and storage boxes that you don’t want the kids getting into.   The travel locks are
great for your small, personal luggage you take on your summer road trips with the family.  You know, the luggage you don’t want the kids rummaging through!

Wordlocks can be bought at Amazon.com.

I have three padlocks, bike locks, and travel locks to give away to lucky readers!

Leave a comment about what type of situation you and/or your kids could really use a Wordlock and I will choose three winners to receive one of each Wordlock.   I will choose the winners Wednesday July 2nd, 2008.  You must enter a valid email address when leaving your comment so I can get in touch with you if you are a winner!

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