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Fourth of July Kids Safety Tips

Fourth of July Sparkler Safety Tips + Free Fourth of July Safety Printable

Out of all the injuries and burns sustained on Fourth of July, children suffer an estimated 30 percent of them.  Sparklers, likely your child’s favorite do-it-yourself firecracker, are the culprit of most of the unfortunate injuries.

Fourth of July Kids Safety Tips

Teach your kids these do-it-yourself firecracker safety tips before heading out to play this July 4th!

  1. Never light a firecracker or sparkler without an adult nearby
  2. Only hold one sparkler at a time!
  3. Hold the sparkler at arm’s length – not close to your body.
  4. Running, throwing or jabbing a friend while holding a sparkler is a no-no!
  5. Dump used sparklers in a bucket of water to cool them off – they’re still hot even after going out.
  6. Stand at least 10 feet away from friends when playing with sparklers and firecrackers
  7. Got dry grass or pine straw in your yard?   Don’t light sparklers and firecrackers near these areas!
  8. Keep your pet indoors.  Loud noises can frighten your pet!
  9. Clean up after the fun!  Sparklers and other do-it-yourself firecrackers can leave messes and hazards your parents and neighbors shouldn’t have to deal with!
  10. Enjoy your Fourth of July!

Download and print our free Fourth of July Safety Printable!
Fourth of July Kids Safety Tips Printable

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Banana Boat Sunscreen

Protect Your Skin During Your #BestSummerEver With Banana Boat Sunscreen + Great Big Family Reunion Sweepstakes!

Banana Boat Disclosure

It’s hot in Atlanta.. 97 degrees hot – and I, for one am a bit tired of it.  We had our backyard ‘renovated’ a few weeks ago so we could enjoy it more while sitting on the back porch but it’s too hot to sit outside for more than 5 minutes at a time.  The kids are having a blast though.   Madelyn and Sebastian are like fish.  They love being in the water whether it’s a lake, beach, pool, or river.  Sebastian is more of a river and lake kind of guy while Madelyn’s a pool and beach girl.   Needless to say we spend a lot of time outdoors, water or not.  They’ve been attending an outdoor nature camp for the past few weeks and you can only imagine how sweaty they get from being out in the heat all day.  I rarely hear a complaint from them come pick up time.  How do they do it?  I’m a cranky mess after being outside for ten minutes, let alone 8 hours!



With summer sun comes summer fun!  Summer is a great time for the whole family to get together and have fun outside no matter if it’s in your backyard or at the beach.   We keep plenty of sunscreen on hand 365 days a year so that when it is super sunny outside or when the kids are going to ge swimming, we have enough to reapply several times throughout the day.

We’ve been using three Banana Boat® products for about a week as we play and work outside.  The kids, being at summer camp around sandy lake shores, used Banana Boat®’s lightweight SunComfort™ Clear UltraMist®Sunscreen which even after applying, sand brushes off the skin easily – almost unheard of after applying sunscreen, and it is water resistant for up to 80 minutes.

Banana Boat Sunscreen

I really like Banana Boat’s Sport Performance Lotion Sunscreen with Powerstay Technology.  The lotion’s formula is light-weight, sweat resistant, water resistant (up to 80 minutes), quick absorbing, non-greasy and won’t run in eyes. I sweat like mad when I’m working in the garden and nothing stops me from pulling weeds and trimming bushes quicker than my eyes burning from sunscreen dripping into them.  Powerstay Technology boosts staying power to provide heavy duty protection throughout all outdoor activities in lotion form.

Banana Boat® has reformulated its Dry Oil Clear UltraMist® Sunscreen to now include argan oil –  a product used often on hair and skin.  This unique lightweight dry oil formula goes beyond sun protection, leaving skin feeling silky-smooth and moisturized and delivers one touch spray for quick, easy coverage with a light-weight, non-greasy feel.  

Sunscreen Application & Usage Tips

  • Banana Boat Kids SunscreenApply 1 ounce (2 tablespoons) of sunscreen to you and your kids’ entire bodies 30 minutes before going outside.
  • Reapply sunscreen every two hours or immediately after swimming or excessive sweating.
  • Use the type of sunscreen that your child enjoys most.  It’s important to make the process of applying sunscreen easy and enjoyable, not a dreaded task, so if your child prefers a spray sunscreen, stick with Banana Boat’s SunComfort Continuous Spray SPF 30 or 50+.  If your child prefers a lotion sunscreen, use Banana Boat Sport Performance Sunscreen Lotion.
  • Use sunscreen everyday.  Your child’s skin can be harmed by constant sun exposure, whether or not your child sees or feels a sunburn.
  • Make it a habit to carry sunscreen with you all the time!  I have a sunscreen stick in my purse and I keep sunscreen spray in my car and our pool/beach bag.
  • It is widely thought that if sunscreen is used regularly by children through the age of 18, there would be a 72% reduction in the cases of skin cancer later in life.

My kids are well aware that with the heat and long days of summer sun comes exposure to dangerous UVBs, the burning rays of the sun.   Applying sunscreen is part of our routine, whether it’s 97 degrees or 50 degrees.  You might think that’s strange but protection from sunburn is not the most important reason for wearing sunscreen.  You want to reduce damage from the sun. Your skin can be harmed by constant sun exposure, whether or not you see a burn. Sunburn is an immediate reaction, but damage from the sun occurs over a lifetime.  You don’t want your child either now or as an adult to experience skin cancer.

My daughter experienced melanoma at just five years old.   A tiny mole developed on her upper arm.  The mole got larger and larger so I took her to the pediatrician who immediately referred her to a dermatologist.  The dermatologist told me he needed to do a biopsy right away and I got a phone call a few days later telling me I needed to bring her in that day to have the melanoma removed.  I was beside myself – melanoma on my five year old?  That was a horrible couple of weeks.  She’s fine now and we have since started using sunscreen daily, not just in the summer.

Child melanoma photo

I am not trying to scare you into using sunscreen but I want you to see the reality of skin cancer.  My daughter’s pediatrician couldn’t confirm that the melanoma was a result of too much exposure to UV rays – we’ve always used sunscreen and often wear sunhats and UV protective clothing, but no one is immune to skin cancer.  Not even children.  Lessen the chances that your child will experience something like what my daughter did by applying sunscreen everyday.

Enough of the serious stuff!

We took a road trip to (HOT!) Washington D.C. at the beginning of the summer to see my husband’s brother and wife and we’re travelling to the beaches of North Carolina when the kids are out of summer camp.   We’re staying at a beach house with two of my Aunts, two cousins, three of my cousins kids, and my mom, and of course my kids and my husband!  It’s going to be a full house and we’re already stocking up on games, beach toys, and sunscreen for our great big family reunion!  It’s so important to spend time with family, no matter how far away they live, so start searching for the perfect destination for your next family get together!

Speaking of..

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Banana Boat® Great Big Family Reunion offers summer fun in the sun adventures for the whole family.  While you’re on the website, you can enter a sweepstakes that offers the chance for one lucky family to win a reunion for up to 50 of their family members and friends. Participants can also spin the Wheel of Fun for exciting activities to entertain their families all summer long!  The sweepstakes ends July 5, 2015.

The Banana Boat® Great Big Family Reunion wants to give one lucky family a reunion for up to 50 of their family members and friends! Participants can also spin the Wheel of Fun for exciting activities to entertain their families all summer long! All you have to do is select up to 50 people via email or Facebook to join your reunion party for a a chance to win!


Right here on, you can enter to win one of five $30 Banana Boat® Prize Packs including Banana Boat® koosie, key chain, draw string backpack and three sunscreen products!

Banana Boat “Great Big Family Reunion” Sweepstakes


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Car Review: 2014 GMC Acadia Crossover SUV – Denali Trim

For a superior luxury crossover, the 2014 GMC Acadia Denali is well defined crossover SUV that carries all the creature features you look for and more.  With impressive styling, solid performance and handling, as well as incredible safety innovations, the 2014 Acadia Denali will easily win over your heart and the hearts of your husband and kids too.

2014 GMC Acadia Denali review

The 2014 Acadia’s Superb Body Styling

Sporting a bold, sleek exterior and eye-catching curves and lines, the 2014 GMC Acadia Denali will definitely turn heads. Plus, she’s looking even better with some great updates such as a newly designed front chrome grille, 20” aluminum wheels and stylish front and back lighting featuring HED xenon high-intensity discharge headlamps and projector halogen fog lamps.    Brilliant chrome accents, bold front and rear fascias and nicely-designed exhaust outlets add contemporary touches, creating a distinct and classic crossover.
You’ll really appreciate the dual heated mirrors that tilt and reverse to give you excellent curb view when backing up.   During our recent trip to Tybee Island and Savannah, we had to squeeze into some tight parallel parking spaces and the finely adjustable side mirrors came in very handy.
The 2014 Acadia Denali SUV also comes with a tilt-sliding dual SkyScape 2-panel power sunroof for an inspiring view of the sky while you drive and privacy glass to keep your little world private.  The kids loved looking out the sunroofs during our road trip whether it was daylight or dark.
2014 GMC Acadia Denali review

The Well-Designed Cabin

Along with the newest technologies, such as the smart slide seating system and Color Touch radio, there are so many goodies that make every driving experience so pleasurable. I particularly enjoyed the stunning leather-wrapped steering wheel with Mahogany wood trim along with remote keyless entry and climate control.   The kids kept comfortable at their desired temperature in the middle row while my husband kept his side of the front around 77 degrees and I, at a cool 68 degrees.
The cabin of the 2014 GMC Acadia Denali SUV is, needless to say, comfortable, quiet and filled with so many conveniences. Better than ever, you’ll love the beautiful leather seating that easily allows you to stretch your legs. Enjoy the multi-power front seats that are heated or cooled to your liking. I kept my seat heated for the majority of our drive to and from Tybee Island while my husband kept his seat cooled.  The heated seat helps tense muscles on long drives, especially those during which children are involved.  🙂
With a total of three rows of seats, you can still fit your cargo with 24 cu. feet left over, or use the handy rear cargo area storage system to keep organized. For those times when you need even more room for your stuff, GMC already figured that out: just fold down both rear seats and, presto, you have an incredible 116 cu. feet of storage room.

Color Touch Radio and IntelliLink

The Acadia Denali carries an impressive high resolution, customizable color touchscreen with responsive touch controls and features infotainment and the optional IntelliLink. With IntelliLink, you can enjoy Bluetooth connectivity, SmartPhone integration, Stream Pandora, Stitcher Internet Radio and HD Radio. You also get a 3 month, free trial of SiriusXM 7 satellite radio that features voice command, navigation with multiple map views, complete traffic updates and more. Enjoy the premium Bose 10-speaker audio system that will keep everyone entertained for hours.

2014 GMC Acadia Denali safety features

Safety Features

The 2014 GMC Acadia has an incredible amount of safety features to give and everyone with you the peace of mind you need in any weather condition. With high crash test scores by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the 2014 Acadia Denali will keep you and your loved ones safe and sound. Plenty of safety features you’ll appreciate include a rear vision camera to give you a clear view of what’s behind you. There’s also stabilitrak, which works alongside the vehicle’s braking system and traction control for safe driving in all weather conditions. Side Blind Zone Alert and Cross-Traffic Technology are intelligent engineering features that employ a radar to detect unseen cars or a possible collision and sound a warning.
Head-Up Display is another an exciting innovation included in the GMC Acadia Denali. This feature known as HUD projects information you select right up onto your windshield so you can keep a close eye on the road and stay informed while you drive. For road trips, this in an invaluable innovation you’ll really prize.   At first I was concerned that the head-up display would be distracting but after being on the highway for an hour I depended on it and found it to be invaluable.  I loved not having to take my eyes off the road to see how fast I was driving or what my next navigation step was.

Explore, Build, or Test Drive a GMC Acadia Today!

Alicia, The Mommy Insider blog author

Take The KEY Pledge And Be Entered To Win $2500!

If single-load liquid laundry packets are not safely stored out of reach and sight of young children they can attract dangerous interest from curious little ones. While single load liquid laundry packets are proven to be very effective in cleaning our kid’s dirty, grimy clothes, keeping them safely away, out of reach and sight of small children is the best method to prevent accidents from happening including unintended ingestion and exposure to the eyes.

In July I announced that I am working with the American Cleaning Institute (ACI) on a sponsored campaign to help spread the message about laundry safety, especially when it comes to using, storing and handling single-load liquid laundry packets. Today I’d like to expand on that and share more safety information and tips from a safe laundry room and routine that child safety expert, Kimberlee Mitchell, recently shared with us.

Have children? Chances are that your laundry room is one of the most used rooms in your home. Did you know that your laundry room is also a potential danger zone? In addition to the possible hazards like a hot iron being knocked off the ironing board or closing a tiny hand in the washing machine door, the laundry room is often where many household cleaning products are stored.

Your young children should not be allowed into the laundry room area, it is not a playroom. The best way to prevent accidents from taking place is to keep it an off limits room If this is not possible, always store household cleaning products, including single-load liquid laundry packets, up high out of reach and sight, preferably behind a locked cabinet or drawer.

Making Safety a Top Priority in the Home

Speaking from experience as a mom of two, small children like to imitate the adults in a household. Now if only they would imitate them when we actually want them to! If you are doing laundry then naturally, your young kids will want to help. Many parents allow toddlers to help by letting them add the laundry detergent to the washer or assist with removing clothing from the dryer.

These are chores that are typically delegated to “mommy’s little helpers”.

Instead of this type of activity it would be better to think of tasks that take place outside of the laundry room environment. Then they will not be exposed to household cleaners such as detergents and bleaches which could pose a hazard.

Parents should make the laundry room an Off Limits area of the home. Instead of bringing kids into a hazardous area take the freshly cleaned laundry to another room and then have your children help you as you sort and fold the clothing.

If you prefer to dry your laundry on an outdoor line the kids could be encouraged to help with this task as well. This would be a good way for both you and your child to enjoy some bonding time on a bright, sunny day.

Take the KEY Pledge for your family

KEY PLEDGE for Parents

Every parent should become aware of how important it is to take the KEY pledge to a safe laundry room and routine. Signing up is easy to do, and you will be making a pledge to put safety first to ensure you and your family are clean and safe.

As a bonus, each individual who agrees to take the KEY pledge will have their name automatically entered in a sweepstakes contest. The winner will receive a grand prize of $2500***.

You can commit to the safety and health of your child by taking the KEY pledge today!

When you take the KEY pledge your household will be added to those listed on the site’s heat/tracking map. This is a quick and fun way to determine how many consumers in your state have also agreed to follow a safe laundry routine.

Pledge your support for a safe laundry room and routine and you just might be the one who wins the $2500 prize***

KEY Pledge Heat Map

Always Follow these Simple and Safe Laundry Rules

  • Kimberlee suggests that even adults should never handle single load liquid laundry packets with wet or damp hands.
  • After you purchase single-load liquid laundry packets, as soon as you bring them into your home, store them safely away up high, out of reach and sight.
  • Never let your child handle or play with any single-load liquid laundry packets.
  • Keep the single load laundry packets and other household cleaning products out of a child’s sight. “Out of Sight Is Out of Mind.”

  • Leave the original safety labels on the containers and make sure that you understand the directions before using single-load liquid laundry packets.
  • Store single load laundry packs in locked cabinets or on shelves that are too high for a child to reach.

  • Keep your laundry room as clutter free as possible so you can always have a clear view of any reachable surface to make sure nothing harmful was left within your child’s reach.

  • Teach each child in your family that colorful single-load detergent packets are not something to be played with, they are not toys and must be left alone.

  • *In the event of an emergency keep the Poison Control Center phone number (1-800-222-1222) – available at all times.

Child Safety Expert Kimberlee Mitchell Weighs In

Kimberlee Mitchell is the owner of a California baby-proofing company named “Boo Boo Busters”. She is also recognized as a devoted child safety expert.. Kimberlee has provided baby-proofing services to more than 5000 homes in California and is happy to be able to lend her voice and support to the KEY Pledge campaign.

Kimberlee has also been collaborating with the ACI on a laundry safety video series which will be rolled out over the next couple of months. Every parent or caregiver with young children needs to watch this eye-opening video to learn about the proper storage, usage and handling of single-load liquid laundry packets. Education and awareness is KEY to avoiding unintended ingestion and eye exposure. View video #1 here:

Sweepstakes information:


Ends on December 31, 2013 at 5:00 p.m. ET. Open to legal residents of 50 U.S. and DC, 21 and older. Void where prohibited. Official Rules:

My participation with American Cleaning Institute is compensated. All opinions are my own.

September is Baby Safety Month – Have you Taken the KEY Pledge Yet?

September is Baby Safety Month and whether you have a baby or are planning to have one, safety is always a top priority, especially when it comes to your little ones!

Because it is Baby Safety Month, we want to share a few of our favorite tips that you can follow in your home to help make sure the babies in your life are kept as safe as possible.  Please feel free to share your baby safety tips in the comments below.

Research which baby gear you should or should not buy used

When I was pregnant with my first child, my husband and I thought we would beat the baby store system (and prices) by shopping for used baby gear.   Being the avid researcher I am, I quickly learned that while used baby gear can help financially, buying used is not always the best for your baby.   For example, car seats are a baby product that you should always buy new, not used.  Certainly, it is good to save money wherever you can, but not when that money compromises the safety of your child. Be aware that when purchasing used cribs, strollers, car seats, high chairs, and play activity stations, there is potential for an item to be broken or for pieces to be missing. Baby equipment goes through a lot of wear and tear with each child, and secondhand products can sometimes be dangerous.  Check for recalls on products and look for pieces that appear cracked or missing. The safest alternative is to buy new products, but if you have to buy used, do your homework and keep your child safe.

Have your baby’s car seat checked for proper installation

Child safety seats can greatly reduce the risk of infant and toddler fatality in motor vehicle accidents. Unfortunately, although many people buy safety seats for their child, often times they are installed improperly. Take precautions to make sure your seat is properly installed by securing all straps, making sure the harness fits snugly, and that the seat is facing the correct direction in your vehicle. To confirm that your seat is installed correctly, check the NHTSA website and find the baby seat inspection location nearest you!

Baby-proof your house

One of the easiest ways to keep your child safe is eliminating dangerous areas inside of your house by installing baby gates and padding furniture.  I did plenty of that when my kids were babies…maybe too much. Make sure that all cleaning products, including laundry room items such as single-load liquid laundry packets, are out of reach and sight of children.  In fact, it would be a good idea to close off your laundry room entirely to prevent accidents from occurring.  The laundry room is not a playroom…   Since single-load liquid laundry packets hit store shelves, more and more parents have been using them for their convenience and ease of use.  However, people may not realize each packet contains highly concentrated detergent and should be treated like any other household cleaning product – store them out of reach and sight.  If not safely stored, the laundry packets can pose potential hazards attracting dangerous interest from young children leading to injury from ingestion or exposure to the eyes.

KEY Pledge ACI Baby Safety Month September 2013

This is so important that the American Cleaning Institute (ACI) launched the KEY Pledge campaign to spread awareness and education for single-load liquid laundry packet safety.

Take the KEY Pledge at and follow ACI’s simple steps to a safe laundry room and routine:

Keep single-load liquid laundry packets out of the reach of children

Educate your family and friends about the safe use and storage of these new laundry products

You serve a key role in laundry safety

Once you take the KEY Pledge you will see a heat map where you can track pledges and follow progress across the nation and in your home town on a heat map.  Georgia is doing pretty well but it looks like California, Florida and may be beating us!  Show your state pride and get (or keep) your state on the KEY Pledge leaderboard!

Since September is Baby Safety Month, use this time and these tips to properly educate yourself, family, and friends about ways to improve baby safety this month and always!

I am working with the American Cleaning Institute on their KEY Pledge campaign because it is important to me to help spread the word about how to safely use, store and handle single-load liquid laundry packets.

Alicia, The Mommy Insider blog author