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Cahooties – a modern twist on the classic ‘fortune telling’ game

by Alicia in Age 7-10, Games, Toys

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CahootieLike most little girls, I spent hours folding paper
and playing the game of  ‘fortune telling’ when I was a child.   I was recently thrilled to learn about Cahootie, a game based off of the ‘fortune telling’ game and to share it with Sebastian, my eight year old son.  Who say’s boys can’t play too?   Despite the fact that Cahootie is geared toward girls onlCahootiestickers
y, Sebastian enjoys the Sporty Girl Cahootie.  I didn’t make a big deal of the game being for girls, so he doesn’t care.

Cahootie, available in several versions; Truth or
Dare, Wishes and Dreams, Sporty Girl, Birthday Wishes, Democrat, and Republican each featuring colorful designs and 40 re-positionable stickers, so the game changes as often as players want it to.

I quickly learned that Cahootie is tear-resistant. My 2 year old daughter and un-approved Cahootie tester put our review Cahootie to the test and I am pleased to say that the Cahootie withstood some rough treatment. 

Priced at just $5.95, Cahootie make a great gift., is an interactive website where free Cahootie templates are available for download and printing so your kids can make their own Cahootie and stickers.  Join Club Cahootie and your kids can submit their own Cahootie designs to be featured on the website!

I have five Cahootie’s to giveaway! Sign up for our newsletter using the link above or come back to see when the giveaway starts.

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