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Capturing Exceptional Photos of Special Life Moments with your Phone | #HTCOne #TroopOneX

I’ve been using the HTC One X+ Android phone for a few weeks.   As I mentioned in a previous post, I thought the transition from iOS to Android would be a bit painful as I have used an iPhone for 4 years.  I was mistaken.  You can read more about my transition from iOS to Android here.

I didn’t think that there could possibly be a phone or operating system that I’dlike better than iOS.  I quickly learned that I was wrong.  Within the first few days of having the HTC OneX+ I felt confident that I could make the switch from iOS to android and that’s just what I did.

The incredible 8MP camera on the HTC OneX+ helped make the decision to switch easy.

In just the few short weeks that I’ve been using the HTC One X+, I have captured some of my favorite photos of my daughter like the one below where she’s swinging with a tutu on.  My HTC one X+ has been with me to capture wonderful photos during some exciting moments of ours.  Check out some of my favorite photos from these experiences below.

Swinging in her tutu in 30 degree weather!

She lost another tooth!

Art project

Delicious desert!

All of the photos above were taken with this phone!

Those are just four of my favorite photos I’ve taken with the HTC OneX+.  I love love love the HTC OneX+ 8MP camera.  I used continuos shooting mode while my daughter was swinging and got the most amazing shots.  The italian ice photo above was taken using the Macro setting.  Look at the detail on the raspberries!

Anxious to learn more about the HTC OneX+ for AT&T?  I understand!!  Learn more about the HTC OneX+ here and follow @HTC on Twitter.

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