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Buy used iPad on Gazelle

See how easy it is to sell your old iPhone for cash on Gazelle!

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

I’ve owned iPhones since the first model was introduced.  Not because I was a fan of Apple products – I had never touched one before – but because it was the first phone that I knew of, that would allow me to check email, text without hitting a number three times to product the correct letter, etc..   Being aware of and wanting new technology and gadgets is in my DNA.  I naturally want the newest technology in my home, car, office, and hand.  When Gazelle launched several years ago, I jumped on the opportunity to sell my old iPhone in order to upgrade to the new iPhone without having to pay $200+ out of pocket at the AT&T or Apple store.   I quickly learned that the process of selling your iPhone, or other device, on Gazelle is fast and easy.  Simply select your device model, carrier, capacity, and the condition the iPhone or other device is in (be honest) and you’ll have a quote within a matter of seconds!

Below is a Gazelle quote for my current iPhone.

Gazelle iPhone 6 Plus quote

Surprisingly, I am not itching to upgrade to the iPhone 6S Plus – even though I could get $325 for it from Gazelle.   I am very happy with my iPhone 6 Plus.  I love the size.. I haven’t once regretted getting the 5.5″ smartphone even though I’m a petite-ish girl and it barely fits in my hand.  I appreciate that I can read the screen without squinting and I can type without hitting the wrong letters. 

If you want to sell your used iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook, AppleTV or other device and get a fair, cash price for it, consider trading it in at Gazelle. All you need to do is select your gadget from a list of options on Gazelle’s “Trade-In” page, answer a few questions, and then Gazelle provides you with an offer for your device.

For items worth $1 or more, it’s free to ship your device to Gazelle. Once your trade-in is received, the device is inspected to make sure its condition matches your evaluation. If the device matches your description, Gazelle will pay you in the form of a check, an Amazon.com gift card, or via PayPal. Payment takes about a week once Gazelle receives your device.

Get cash for your iPhone!

Once you’ve received your payment, you should definitely peruse Gazelle’s extensive selection of certified pre-owned devices, including iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, iPads, and accessories. You’ll be able to get an upgraded device without paying a head-spinning price. 

Buy used iPad on GazelleYou should also check out Gazelle’s sale section.  Gazelle has dozens of items on sale for a great price!  For example, the iPad Mini 3 16GB WiFi is currently selling for $279 on Gazelle.  The best price I could find for the same model on retailer websites is $349 (with a $50 discount) at BestBuy.com and $399 from Target.com.  You may find refurbished iPads on retailer websites but used devices is what Gazelle specializes in they even have a 30-day risk-free return policy.

It’s important to note that Gazelle performs a 30+-point inspection on all their devices, so you can be confident that every feature of the device is tested and of the highest quality before you buy it. They also back up the quality of their Gazelle Certified device with a 30-day return policy. You can also keep your carrier or switch to a knew one because Gazelle Certified also means no contracts or strings attached

Now that the new iPhone is here, you should consider trading-in your old iPhone to offset the cost of a new one. Or, buy a certified pre-owned iPhone 6 at a lower cost than the new! 

Sprint Family Share Pack Data Plans

Data Sharing For Families: Sprint’s Family Share Pack Explained

Mom Central Consulting

As busy parents often realize the hard way, their teenage children are often never found without a phone in their hand. Since cell phones are becoming more and more popular as the days go by, teens are using more and more data each and every month. Data is used in many functions on a cell phone such as text messages that include pictures, streaming video, downloading music, and generally browsing the web. spacerSometimes it can be hard to find a cell phone provider that has enough data allowance per month to support these features. A great way to incorporate lines for each member of the family and get enough data to go around is the Sprint Family Share Pack.

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 10.19.35 PM
The Sprint Family Share Pack is customizable to each family not only with how many lines are on the plan, but also how much data is on the plan. To compare, a family pack with 4 lines and 4 GB of data the cost would be $100 a month with Sprint. The number of lines of the plan can vary from 2 to 10 lines and amounts of data available are 1 GB, 1.5 GB, 2 GB, 2.5 GB, 3 GB, 4 GB, 5 GB, and 6 GB.


Teens are known for wanting the latest and greatest technology. On the Sprint network, the latest and best smartphones available include the Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhone 6, HTC One M8, and the Moto X. So no matter what type of smart phone is desired, whether it be for streaming video, text messaging, downloading music, generally browsing the web, the best phone for the task is available.spacerAnother great feature of switching to the Family Share Pack is that Sprint will buy out your current contract up to $350 for your family to switch. Many cell phone carriers enforce a 2 year contract with the purchase of each phone, and to leave that contract will result in financial penalties. Sprint is willing to cover those costs up to $350 for your family to be able to make the switch.


Sprint Family Share Pack Data Plans

Sprint makes it easy for busy parents to shop for a new Family Share Pack by making an appointment to come into the store, or by shopping for the pack online. Either way, Sprint makes it easy to compare your current plan to the Family Share Pack and make the switch. So whether you or your teen is wanting a new iPhone 6, a Samsung Galaxy S5, an HTC One M8 or a Moto X, it is now attainable through the Sprint Family Share Pack.


Some great reasons to switch to Sprint include:

  • Sprint will buy out your current contract up to $350
  • The latest and best smartphones are available on the network
  • Busy parents can make an appointment to come into the store or shop online

Visit Sprint.com to learn more about their family share data plans and the smartphones and other devices they offer!


Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport

Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport For Sprint, For The Active Parent’s Life

Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport Review

Mom Central Consulting


Samsung Galaxy S 5
Carrier: Sprint
Camera: 16-megapixel
Processor: 2.5GHz quad-core
Display: 5.1-inches

I hesitated to put this in writing but here goes.. my 40th birthday is in October.   I didn’t think that turning 40 was going to be a big deal – until a few weeks ago when I realized my birthday was just a couple of months away and I am turning 40!  Before I explain how this milestone makes me feel, you should know that I am not a fan of resolutions.  I never make them.  I consider myself to be a realist and I don’t believe in making resolutions because I don’t feel like they’re realistic and I don’t commit to something I don’t intend on following through with 100% and I know better than to commit to working out everyday or losing 30 pounds in two months.  Not going to happen.

That being said, I’m beginning to think that turning 40 could spark some life changes.  I won’t go into detail on what those changes would be because I will be the first to admit that I am SCARED of being held accountable for something I say I’m going to do and not following through with it.   I’ll just say that the Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport and a new pair of sneakers may be playing a part in those changes.  Well actually, they already are.

The Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport is possibly the best Galaxy yet with refinements including a more-responsive 16-megapixel camera with simplified access to controls and filters, a battery built to survive long hikes, power outages, or nights in the baby’s room, and a brilliant display that allows for great visibility even in the sun.

I have been using the Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport for a few weeks and I am very impressed with the unique built-in health features/apps that Sprint is excited to be able to share with its customers through collaboration with Samsung Telecommunications and health and fitness market leaders Under Armour and MapMyFitness as well as its incredible camera.

Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport

As a Sprint Ambassador, I was given the opportunity to test the Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport.  Designed with fitness in mind, the Galaxy S 5 combines a rugged but classy exterior, long battery life, an awesome 5.1-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display, physical buttons, and native fitness apps to support your health and fitness goals.

Apps and Features for the Health & Fitness Minded

The Galaxy S 5 Sport combines Samsung’s S Health app, Under Armor’s MapMyFitness and Sprint’s new Fit Live service to promote good health. An Activity Zone app also offers quick access to features like a compass and stopwatch.  Sprint includes a 12-month subscription to MapMyFitness MVP and six months of free Spotify Premium.

MapMyFitness comes in handy for cycling. Using the app, my son could see how many calories he burned during a ride.  The S 5’s ‘S Health’ app has a heart rate monitor and stress monitor.  The stress monitor has been great for giving my kids a visual representation, besides my bright red nose, when they are stressing me out. Through the app, I can show the kids when my heart rate is elevated and then they know it’s time to chill out.  Having a visual of the difference between mom when she’s not stressed and mom when she is stressed has definitely had an impact.

Samsung Galaxy S 5 Fitness Apps

Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport Design

The Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport is 5.7 inches x 2.9 inches, weighs 5.6 ounces and sports an impressive 5.1-inch Full HD Super AMOLED® display.   I’m a shorty so I have small hands and can comfortably use the Galaxy S 5 Sport with one hand.  There is actually a One-handed operation setting in the Settings app that allows me to toggle the function on and off easily.   If you’re prone to dropping phones, you’ll love the textured, rubberized body of the Galaxy S 5 Sport.  The physical navigation buttons, multi-tasking, home, and back, make switching between apps and browsing the internet so much easier than on some mobile devices.   I had to invest in a pair of smartphone gloves a couple of years ago, in order to use my old device while wearing gloves in the winter but the Galaxy S 5’s physical navigation buttons do away with the need for gloves.  IP67 water and dust resistant, the S 5 Sport lets paparazzi-like parents (that’s you and I) take photos of our kids while at the beach, pool, or lake, without having to worry about the occasional splash or drop into the water.

Samsung Galaxy S 5 hard buttons

Speaking of photos…  Paparazzi-parents need lots of storage space on their smartphone.  The Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport comes with 16GB internal memory and has a MicroSD card slot that supports up to 128GB.  I’ll never have to worry about running out of space while shooting video at my son’s lacrosse game or my daughter’s ballet recital again!   A lot of people don’t take advantage of the SD card slot on smartphones but they should!  You can buy an SD card almost anywhere and just slide it in the slot and wahlah, your phone has tons of space!

Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport camera review

The 3.5mm stereo headset jack is standard so you can continue to use your favorite earbuds or headphones.  I’ve been using a wireless Bluetooth headset to listen to music and audiobooks on my Galaxy S 5 Sport.

Color options are Electric Blue and Cherry Red. I am not a huge fan of bright colors but the Electric Blue has grown on me.  The default keyboard has numbers at the top so I don’t have to click a shift-type button before entering numbers, great for my crazy passwords that are made up of capital letters, numbers and symbols.  No more going back and forth between letter, number, and symbol screens.

Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport Camera

Taking photos of the kids, flowers, and the puppy has never been so fun!  The Galaxy S 5 Sport’s camera is a winner. The controls are responsive and images are sharp, clear, and natural looking.   The camera shutter is very fast so I can take even more photos of the kids!

Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport camera

Shooting photos of the kids in dim light or bright sunlight on a smartphone can be cumbersome but the HDR (high dynamic range) mode spiffs up photos in these situations without any extra work on the user’s part.  Taking a photo in HDR mode on the Galaxy S 5 Sport doesn’t cause a lag like some smartphones.  The Galaxy S 5 Sport takes less than a fraction of a second to snap a great quality photo but if you’re not sure you want to use the storage space on your phone for HDR photos, it shows you a preview of what a photo will look like in HDR mode before you shoot.

The “gear” icon on the top left of the viewfinder opens a 27-button menu of image-quality settings, while the Mode button takes you to a half-dozen effects with the ability to download even more including ‘Animated Photo’ and ‘Sound & Shot’.

Samsung Galaxy S 5 Shot and More camera

The camera mode I had the most fun with, although not always consistent in result, is Shot and More.  This mode takes a series of photos a few seconds apart. You can do several things in this mode. My favorite Shot & More mode is ‘panning shot’ which is what I used to take the photograph above.  Other Shoot & More apps include Best Face, Eraser (erases the photo bombing stranger in the background), and Best Photo (chooses the best photo in a series).

The Galaxy S 5’s ‘Studio’ app gives users access to a a complete photo and video editing suite.

Samsung Galaxy S 5 Specs and Features

  • Android™ 4.4.2, KitKat
  • 2.5GHz quad-core processor (Qualcomm® Snapdragon® MSM8974AB chipset)
  • 3G/4G LTE mobile hotspot capability supporting up to 10 Wi-Fi® enabled devices simultaneously
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • Bluetooth BT 4.0
  • Built-in Google Mobile™ wireless services including Google Search™, Gmail™ and Google Maps™
  • HD Voice, virtually eliminates background noise and sound quality is dramatically enhanced on a call between two Sprint HD Voice-enabled devices on upgraded areas of the Sprint network.
  • Multi Window allows users to seamlessly toggle between applications without closing a window or opening a new page
  • NFC (near field communication) allowing the device to read information from everyday objects, such as stickers and posters embedded with NFC chips, or for use as a mobile wallet to make secure purchases.
  • Sprint Spark, a unique combination of advanced network capabilities built for data delivering peak wireless speeds of 60Mbps today on capable devices.

Below is a demonstration of the Galaxy S 5’s Multi Window funtion

Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport Multi-Window

How has the Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport Helped Me?

Since having the Samsung Galaxy S 5, I have literally spent 60% more time exercising than before.  I really calculated it.  I was walking once in the morning or evening but now I do both and a little speedier than before because I can listen to music that is super energizing and new to me via Spotify.  Sure, I have thousands of songs in my personal music library but it’s different when you hear songs that you haven’t heard before or from way back.. they get the adrenaline pumping!  Between Spotify and the fitness apps, I’ve been way more motivated to go for a walk or ride our stationary bike.   I, like you, am a busy parent and have a difficult time taking time for myself even when it comes to doing something for my health.  The Samsung Galaxy S 5, being an all-in-one device in that it gives me access to thousands of songs, a heart rate monitor, pedometer, and even a sleep tracker makes it easy for me to pick up just this one device and know I’m covered on many different levels.  Not to mention the amazing camera… as if I was going to take a selfie while exercising.  That’ll be the day. 🙂

Tracking my steps using MapMyFitness and listening to energetic tunes from Spotify get me going on my fitness journey from getting dressed to taking that last sweaty step.

Here are a few more photographs I took with my Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport

Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport camera photos

The Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport has a suggested retail price of $649.99 without a contract. With Sprint Easy Pay, well-qualified buyers can purchase Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport with $0 down (plus tax) and 24 monthly payments of $27.09. Visit Sprint for more information.

In The Box

  • Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport
  • Standard Lithium Ion Battery
  • Headset
  • AC Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • Get Started Guide
  • Important Information Booklet
  • Wireless Recycling Envelope

Save Money With The Sprint Family Share Pack

Sprint introduces new shared data plans that offer double the high-speed data at the same or lower price as compared to AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless.  For a Family up to 10 lines, get 20GB of Shared Data and Unlimited Talk & Text for only $100 a month.  It really doesn’t matter if your family is 3, 5, or 10 people, you will get at least 20GB of shared data and your monthly charge will be $100.

Sprint Family Share Pack - Data Plan

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I Am A Sprint Ambassador! Let’s Celebrate With A HTC One max Giveaway!

Mom Central Consulting

If you are a regular reader of The Mommy Insider (and my gadget blog) you know how much I LOVE gadgets and technology.  I can’t get enough of the geniusness that is smartphones, tablets, streaming devices, and ereaders.   Many people point out that kids spend too much time on smartphones, tablets or watching tv but I know that it is a parent’s job to stay on top of how much time our kids spend on these devices and that they can be very beneficial to our children when used and monitored properly!   That being said, I am thrilled to announce that I am a Sprint Ambassador!  During that time I am going to share my experiences testing various Sprint devices and service options with you.

Everyday we rely on our cell carrier such as Sprint to get us information we need when we’re on the go.
Sprint mobile service

  • Our cell carrier gives us, including our kids, access to educational information that you and I would have had to search a 10 pound hard-back encyclopedia for when we were kids, even when we’re at ball practice at a field in the middle of nowhere.
  • Our cell carrier gives our kids access to educational games during long summer vacation road trips.
  • Our cell carrier helps us find the closest rest area when we’re on an unfamiliar highway and the kids really need to “go” using map apps.
  • Our cell carrier lets parents send a photo of our child’s band performance, during the performance, to family hundreds of miles away without wi-fi.
  • Our cell carrier lets us text our teen when we’re running late and need him to put dinner in the oven.

Kids and parents lead busy lives.  Our cell carrier provides us with data when wi-fi isn’t available such as when we’re on the road, at a ball game, or at our child’s school.  Cell carriers such as Sprint give us or our child access to the dictionary when our child needs to study vocabulary in the parking lot of her brother’s ball game, or when you’re at a store and you want to compare the price of a TV to the same one at an online store. These are just a couple of times we count on the data our cell carrier provides.

While cell carriers give us access to important data services, there has still been the issue of having the ability to call family and friends without breaking the bank.  Something that I and many consumers have had with cell carriers in the past has been that while customers can put their family on a family-plan, the carrier doesn’t extend family to those who the customer might call every day such as their mother, brother, friend, or co-worker.  The Sprint Framily Plan has changed the family-plan game.

What does Framily mean?

Framily =

Friends.  Family Members.  Co-Workers.  Soccer Team Coach.  You get it.

Sprint Framily Plan

With the Sprint Framily plan, you and up to 10 friends, family members, and even coworkers and parents from the soccer team can be a part of a Framily group with unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data each, while on the Sprint network.  Did you know that 1GB could get you 52 hours on Facebook, 11 TV episodes, over 40,000 email views, 12 hours of Skype, or over 100 hours of web surfing?  Nice, right?  If 1GB of data isn’t enough for you, you can always upgrade to 3GB or unlimited data while on a Sprint Framily plan.

Each of the members on the Framily plan receives a separate bill with no annual service contracts or early termination fees, all for as little as $25 a month per line when you have 7 – 10 members in the Framily group.

There are several people that I talk to regularly who are not in my immediate family and would be a great fit for a Sprint Framily plan such as my sister, my dad, and a few of my closest friends.

You might be saying to yourself.. but my friends aren’t with Sprint.

Under contract with another carrier? No worries!

You love saving money and having the latest gadgets, right? You’re in luck because for a limited time, new Sprint customers can bring their current cell number to Sprint and sign up for a Sprint Framily plan, receive up to $300 in credit for their current phone AND a Visa Prepaid Card worth up to $350 to cover those switching fees. This exclusive offer is available at Sprint stores and online at Sprint.com now through May 8th 2014.

To kick-off my #SprintMom Brand Ambassadorship, Sprint is giving an HTC one Max to one of my readers!

Sprint HTC One max giveaway

About The HTC One max Smartphone:

The HTC One max smartphone offers users a massive screen with a 5.9-inch display and amped speakers for watching videos or viewing pictures on the go. The feature-rich camera offers users the ability to take photos with a fun, artistic flair, and gives users news recommendations based on likes on social media, for breaking news that matters most to them.

  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 600 processor
  • Massive 5.9 inch display
  • Amped speakers for watching videos
  • Feature-rich camera offers users the ability to take photos with a fun, artistic flair.
  • Camera also gives users news recommendations based on likes on social media, for breaking news that matters most to them.
  • HTC BlinkFeed™: Create your own automatic updating home screen.
  • Up to 40% faster battery charging.
  • Backside sensor panel unlocks the phone with the swipe of a finger.

Giveaway Terms:

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents ages 18 and older. Giveaway closes on May 4th at 10am EST. The winner has 24 hrs to respond via email. Due to time sensitivity, if winner does not respond within allotted time, another random winner may be chosen. The Mommy Insider is not responsible for the shipping and/or fulfillment of the prize.  Learn more about the HTC One max here.

Let’s get on with it!

You are not required to leave a comment to enter this contest, but it will get you 10 extra entries.

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Capturing Exceptional Photos of Special Life Moments with your Phone | #HTCOne #TroopOneX

I’ve been using the HTC One X+ Android phone for a few weeks.   As I mentioned in a previous post, I thought the transition from iOS to Android would be a bit painful as I have used an iPhone for 4 years.  I was mistaken.  You can read more about my transition from iOS to Android here.

I didn’t think that there could possibly be a phone or operating system that I’dlike better than iOS.  I quickly learned that I was wrong.  Within the first few days of having the HTC OneX+ I felt confident that I could make the switch from iOS to android and that’s just what I did.

The incredible 8MP camera on the HTC OneX+ helped make the decision to switch easy.

In just the few short weeks that I’ve been using the HTC One X+, I have captured some of my favorite photos of my daughter like the one below where she’s swinging with a tutu on.  My HTC one X+ has been with me to capture wonderful photos during some exciting moments of ours.  Check out some of my favorite photos from these experiences below.

Swinging in her tutu in 30 degree weather!

She lost another tooth!

Art project

Delicious desert!

All of the photos above were taken with this phone!

Those are just four of my favorite photos I’ve taken with the HTC OneX+.  I love love love the HTC OneX+ 8MP camera.  I used continuos shooting mode while my daughter was swinging and got the most amazing shots.  The italian ice photo above was taken using the Macro setting.  Look at the detail on the raspberries!

Anxious to learn more about the HTC OneX+ for AT&T?  I understand!!  Learn more about the HTC OneX+ here and follow @HTC on Twitter.

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I received an HTC OneX+ as part of being a member of the TroopOneX review team.  All opinions in this post are 100% my own.  Content and/or other value provided by our partner, HTC.