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Capturing Exceptional Photos of Special Life Moments with your Phone | #HTCOne #TroopOneX

I’ve been using the HTC One X+ Android phone for a few weeks.   As I mentioned in a previous post, I thought the transition from iOS to Android would be a bit painful as I have used an iPhone for 4 years.  I was mistaken.  You can read more about my transition from iOS to Android here.

I didn’t think that there could possibly be a phone or operating system that I’dlike better than iOS.  I quickly learned that I was wrong.  Within the first few days of having the HTC OneX+ I felt confident that I could make the switch from iOS to android and that’s just what I did.

The incredible 8MP camera on the HTC OneX+ helped make the decision to switch easy.

In just the few short weeks that I’ve been using the HTC One X+, I have captured some of my favorite photos of my daughter like the one below where she’s swinging with a tutu on.  My HTC one X+ has been with me to capture wonderful photos during some exciting moments of ours.  Check out some of my favorite photos from these experiences below.

Swinging in her tutu in 30 degree weather!

She lost another tooth!

Art project

Delicious desert!

All of the photos above were taken with this phone!

Those are just four of my favorite photos I’ve taken with the HTC OneX+.  I love love love the HTC OneX+ 8MP camera.  I used continuos shooting mode while my daughter was swinging and got the most amazing shots.  The italian ice photo above was taken using the Macro setting.  Look at the detail on the raspberries!

Anxious to learn more about the HTC OneX+ for AT&T?  I understand!!  Learn more about the HTC OneX+ here and follow @HTC on Twitter.

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I received an HTC OneX+ as part of being a member of the TroopOneX review team.  All opinions in this post are 100% my own.  Content and/or other value provided by our partner, HTC.

I Love These Fun and Unique HTC One X and One X+ Cases I Found on Etsy!

I searched online for cases for my HTC OneX this morning and not being thrilled with the standard, run of the mill cases, I turned to sites like Etsy to find unique, fun phone cases.   Now I am struggling to choose just one case for my phone! I pinned a lot of HTC One X+ cases to a board on Pinterest.  Take a look here.

Some of the cases in the image below are not the specific case for the HTC OneX as the artists doesn’t have an image but in all cases the artist states that they make the same case for the HTC OneX+ as what you see below. That can change at anytime.

Here are a few of my favorites.  (Pin the image below to share with your Pinterest friends!)

HTC OneX phone cases


1 – Tortoise and Hare – $19.50

2 – Vincent Van Gogh Almond Blossoms – $15

3 – Leather case and wallet – $69

4 – Smartphone Wristlet – Pretty Penney Clutch – Posies on Turquoise – $30

5 – Cover sleeve handmade with magnetic closure, colorful fish – $15

6 – Andre – a giraffe – $19.50

Where can you find more cool cases like these?

Take a look at my HTC OneX Cases board on Pinterest to see a lot more fun cases for this phone!


Which case if your favorite?

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, HTC.

I received an HTC OneX+ as part of being a member of the TroopOneX review team.  All opinions in this post are 100% my own.

A Peek into my Life through my Playlists. What’s in your Playlist?

I never sang out loud to a song in front of other people, in a car for example, until I met my husband.  Our first ‘date’ was us driving his sister home from an Alanis Morisette concert.  We were listening to a Madonna CD and my husband and his sister started singing.. out loud.   I didn’t know what to think because I never really heard anyone sing out loud except in church or at a performance.

Fast forward to almost 15 years years later.

Now I sing in the shower, in the car, while I’m on the treadmill, and when I’m working.  I have music on 80% of my waking hours.  Whether the music is played from the stereo or through my phone, I am one who finds it easier to concentrate if I have music on in the background.  When I travel I usually fall asleep listening to music on my phone.

HTC OneX+ Music hubLately I’ve been listening to music on my HTC OneX+ smartphone that comes with Beats Audio.  Beats Audio delivers studio-quality sound, the way the artist intended for listeners to hear their music, with or without headphones.  The music just sounds authentic.  It’s really quite amazing. You have to hear it to believe it.

Through my HTC Music hub as pictured to the right, I have access to my music as well as Internet Radio options including Pandora and TuneIn Radio.   If your car has an auxiliary port, you can plug-in the HTC Stereo Clip and launch the HTC Car App to listen to music at the tap of a button.  TuneIn Radio will find stations that are currently playing your favorite song, local radio stations, or you can browse trending stations.

So.. what’s on my playlist you ask?

Well between music I’ve downloaded/synced to my HTC OneX+ and Pandora, I have several playlists.  Here’s a peek at what you’ll find in my playlists.

HTC OneX Music Playlist


Cooking & Cleaning Playlists

I have a cooking playlist which includes music from The Killers, Taylor Swift (the kids help me cook), and some old Prince (I know you sing along to Little Red Corvette every time it comes on the radio – it’s ok).  Here’s one more.. if you are around my age you know this song; Here I Go Again by Whitesnake.  You CAN NOT listen to this song without singing.  Perfect cooking music or when you want to embarrass your kids while in the car with the windows down.

Driving Playlists

On to my driving playlist.  My driving playlist includes lots of KidzBop and Disney songs.  You know what’s funny? I didn’t know half the songs on KidzBop 17 were real songs until I heard one of them on the radio.  It just didn’t sound the same when an adult man was signing it.   For those rare times when the kids are not in the car with me I listen to Siouxsie and the Banshees, Coldplay, The Cure, and Tori Amos.

Exercise & Wake-up Music

My exercise playlist which I plan on using very soon is made up of Chemical Brothers, Linkin Park (warning – not child friendly), and 80’s and 90’s music.

Sleep & Relaxation Playlists

My bedtime and relaxing playlist is made up of Cocteau Twins, Norah Jones, Sarah McLachlan, This Mortal Coil, and Enya.

While I’m Working

I listen to a variety of music while blogging and working in general.  If it’s a relaxing work day then I listen to lyrical music.   On stressful, fast paced days I listen to more soothing artists like Enya and Cocteau Twins.

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, HTC.

Learn more about the HTC OneX+ and the Beats Audio feature.

What’s on your playlists on your phone?
Tell us in the comments below. 

I received an HTC OneX+ as part of being a member of the TroopOneX review team.  All opinions in this post are 100% my own.

A 2-Minute Sneak Peek Video of my Life

It’s been about 3 weeks since I started using the HTC OneX+ I’ve been talking to so much about.  Well, I decided to share a 2 minute documentary of our lives here at the Hagan house featuring photos taken on the HTC OneX+.

This video by no means shows you what our every day life is like. That includes messes, chaos, food, and more boring stuff. The shots in the video below are some of my favorite shots I’ve taken on my HTC OneX+ over the last week.

I created the video using the Movie Editor app on the phone and nothing else.. except adding it to YouTube. 🙂 I hope you enjoy it.

Be sure to change the setting of the video to 720p HD for best quality. Click on the gear icon in the bottom right to adjust the setting.

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, HTC.

Want to learn more about the HTC OneX+?

What are you waiting for?  Read these posts I’ve written about it!

Note to my readers: I received a complimentary HTC OneX+ for purposes of this review and giveaway. As always, all opinions presented in my posts are 100% honest.

Win an HTC One X+ Android Phone Optimized for AT&T!

Over the last couple of weeks you’ve learned about the HTC OneX+ from this post and this post here on TheMommyInsider.com and this post, and this post on my other site, GadgetGoddess.com.  By now, surely you know how much I LOVE this phone.  Go ahead.. read any of those posts to learn why I love the HTC OneX+.   Being an iPhone user for over 4 years, switching to an Android phone has been an exciting change.  HTC makes the switch easy with HTC Sync Manager, apps, and widgets.  Ok, I’ll get on with it.. 

Yes, we’re giving away an HTC OneX+!!

Win an HTC OneX+ optimized for AT&T


Thanks to HTC, we are giving a lucky reader an HTC OneX+ optimized for AT&T! Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

Watch this First Look video to learn more about the HTC OneX+

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Contest terms and conditions:

The winner who must be over 18 years old, live in the U.S., and not provide us with a P.O. Box if they win, will receive a brand spankin’ new HTC OneX+.  The winner is responsible for service for the phone.  Service is not included.  The phone is optimized for AT&T.  TheMommyInsider.com is not responsible for shipping.

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Note to my readers: I received a complimentary HTC OneX+ for purposes of this review and giveaway.  As always, all opinions presented in my posts are 100% honest.