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Pinterest Google Play app on Intel Tablet

How We Prepared For Halloween With Our Asus MeMo Pad™ 7 Intel Tablet | #IntelTablets

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I can’t believe Halloween is tomorrow!  My daughter has been reading Ever After High books for a couple of months and when she joined me to browse the Walmart website for Halloween costumes a few weeks ago, she expressed, with no hesitation, that she wanted to be one of the characters from Ever After High.   While we weren’t able to find the costume she wanted in her size she was very keen on the Red Vampiress costume she saw on the Walmart website.. so that’s what she is going to be.. a vampire.  Eeek!  A fun way for her to search for a Halloween costume was on the new Intel tablet I received to review, the Asus MeMo Pad 7.  Being the tech savvy kid she is she knew how to operate the tablet without instruction from me.

Below is a screenshot of the Halloween costume Madelyn chose on the Walmart app as well as a photo of her wearing the costume, taken with the Asus MeMo Pad 7.

Asus MeMo Pad 7 Intel Tablet review

Not only does Madelyn love Halloween because she can dress-up, but she loves looking at and almost examining carved pumpkins, Halloween decor and of course, trick-or-treating.   Halloween has turned into more of a celebratory occasion than it was when I was young.  If I recall correctly, and my memory can be wacky at times so don’t quote me.. ever, I wore the same hand-made Halloween costume for several years in a row.  I was a witch.. for years.  Some, such as Madelyn, might say I’m still a witch. 🙂  But I’m really not. I’m sweet as Pumpkin Pie!  Halloween was all about the candy back in the day.  Now Halloween is a time of year when kids gather together to compare costumes, have a costume party and even exchange candy at school.

Halloween apps on Intel Tablet asus memo pad 7

That said, it makes sense that preparing for Halloween is a little more time consuming than it was in the early 70’s when I was a child.  Parents search the Internet for the best deal on a costume, fun Halloween decor ideas, Halloween party ideas, etc.. Now, with parents being so busy, we often use our smartphones and tablets to help with our searches.  Stores like Amazon, Walmart, and Target have apps for tablets like the new Intel Tablets so now it’s easier than ever to grab the tablet and browse a few shopping apps and wahlah, you’re Halloween shopping is done and better than ever probably!

Not only can you download apps from the Google Play store, included on the tablet, you can use the built in Google Search widget to search for anything such as “youth Halloween costume”, “Halloween crafts for kids” and “Halloween decoration ideas” and the results will open in the browser instantly.

Pinterest Google Play app on Intel Tablet

Oh, and don’t forget to search Pinterest for fun holiday decor and craft ideas, which you can easily do on your Intel Tablet too, using the Pinterest app!

For an investment of under $150, the Asus MeMo Pad™ 7 tablet is a super-helper for busy families and beyond using the tablet to get ready for holidays like Halloween, it is a great size for little hands to use to play educational games on, learn to read and even do research for school papers.

I’ll be sharing more on my experiences with the Asus Intel Tablet in the coming weeks so stay tuned and have a great Halloween!

How Suave Saved My Daughter’s Hair From Being Perma-Sparkly

Halloween is a blur to me.  No, I didn’t eat too much candy.  Nor did I drink too much.  I slept.   I’m that lame, yes.

I had a procedure done on my neck Halloween morning that unbeknownst to me beforehand, would knock me out the remainder of the day. I wouldn’t have minded if it was any ordinary Thursday.. but to knock me off my feet and out of this world on Halloween. Boo hoo. Luckily, my husband photographed the kids in their costumes. Otherwise there would be no proof in my mind that Halloween even happened.   I wish I had more photos of the kids in their Halloween costumes but my husband doesn’t use his phone or camera as a 3rd hand like I do and didn’t take as many photographs as I would have.

Madelyn dressed up as a pirate girl. Not just any pirate girl. A sparkly pirate girl.  The sparkles weren’t on her costume.  They were in her hair and if you have ever experienced the fun that is sparkly hair spray, you know it ends up everywhere else including the face.  🙂  The funny thing is, she wore a bandana on her head so as far as I can tell, you couldn’t really tell she had sparkles in her hair.  What little girl will pass up an occasion to spray glittery hair spray in her hair though?  Halloween and school Fall Festivals are two such occasions.

Thank goodness Tim, my husband, is a pretty awesome cleaner-upper.  He was patient enough to Madelyn her get the sparkles out of her hair after getting home from trick-or-treating.. first sorting the candy of course.  There apparently was no way she could go to bed without washing her hair.   She would have been inhaling glittery hair spray all night.  It’s not too tough to get Madelyn in the shower.  She’s a fan of 20 minute showers.  You know.. the kind that leave your pores completely clean and detoxified and your fingers looking like raisins.

This might be because she feels like a pampered princess in the shower.  I would too if I had such delicious smelling product to wash myself with.

Suave Kids

Madelyn’s favorite shampoo and body wash are made by Suave®.  She loves the smell.. so do I.. and the lather of Suave Kids 2 in 1 Smoothers Fairy Berry Strawberry Shampoo.  Having a name like Fairy Berry Strawberry doesn’t hurt either.  🙂   The combination of this Suave® shampoo and Suave kids’ Soft & Smooth Detangler (twirlin’ Swirlberry scent) proved to be a sanity saver Halloween night.   Tim doesn’t have the honor of maintaining Madelyn’s gorgeous blonde locks as often as I do 😉 so he was happy that she offered him tips that night such as “don’t use mom’s conditioner in my hair!” and “spray the purple hair softener stuff in my hair before blow drying it”.   I’m glad she thought enough to tell him to use the detangler because I’m afraid she would have lost some hair or shed some tears if she didn’t suggest that he spray it on her hair before blow-drying it.   We kid her about the ‘tangle fairies’ visiting her day and night.  It seems like every 5 minutes she needs to brush her hair because it gets so tangled.

Suave saved Madelyn from having perma-sparkly hair by making it easy and fun to wash and detangle her hair after a long night out gathering candy. 🙂  Thanks Suave!

I am thankful that Tim and the kids pulled it together and were able to trick-or-treat without me this Halloween.  Just kidding… and I’m thankful that Suave helped all of them cope when the fun night of tricks and treats was over and they were left with sticky hands, sparkly  hair.. and yummy candy!  I’d call that a success!

Image 3

Madelyn has very fine hair and we have always been able to use and count on Suave Kids’ hair products for her hair.  Suave® offers products for the entire family so everyone can look good and feel good everyday! The best part – Suave® products are available at Walmart so you can get the best value locally.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Lunchbox. As always, all thoughts and opinions are mine and not influenced in any way.

3 Spooky SIGG Water Bottles For Trick-or-Treating and Beyond!

We love SIGG bottles.  Between everyday use, sports practices and games, camping trips, road trips, and special occasions like Halloween, we use SIGG bottles almost every day.

We were packing up for our trip to the pumpkin patch today and Madelyn couldn’t leave without her new GLO Monster Sigg bottle!

SIGG Halloween Water Bottle

Did you know that SIGG’s aluminum bottles come in various designs and sizes?

I am a fan of my plain large pink SIGG bottle, my husband has a large black SIGG bottle, and my son has an old SIGG bottle that has ninjas all over it.  My daughter has a few favorites of her own.  She got the Little Witch SIGG bottle last year and this year she got the GLO Monster bottle.  Her newest SIGG bottle is the GLO Monster Lime bottle which she can add her own monsters to the monster world on the bottle.  The print, along with the kids bottle cap glow in the dark.
The 0.4-liter SIGG Monster GLO aluminum water bottle has a highly resistant lining, making it almost unbreakable!

The flip top on SIGG’s kids bottle prevents them from leaking and is easy to open for little hands to flip open.   I can’t tell you how many times the kids have had water bottles with a twist top leak in my car because the twist top didn’t have a cover.  The twist is fabulous but even better when it has a cover.

The GLO Monster Lime SIGG bottle’s flip top even glows!

SIGG offers kids BPA and Phthalate free reusable water bottles making taking water to school, sporting events, and yes.. trick-or-treating, fun and safe!  SIGG bottles are ecologically sound, reusable and ultimately easily recycled.

What we love about SIGG kid’s water bottles:

  • Flip-top – prevents leaking and easy to open
  • BPA and Phthalate free
  • Washable
  • Bright, colorful designs
  • Some have glow tops!
  • Regular ice cubes from our dispenser fit the opening
  • Twist top locks to water/drink does not come out

Madelyn’s Favorite SIGG Water Bottles

SIGG Kid's Water Bottles

SIGG water bottles for kids range from price, starting at $20.99.  You’ll find lots of other festive, cute, and spooky water bottles in the kid’s area on the SIGG website.

Alicia, The Mommy Insider blog author

I received a SIGG bottle for purposes of this review.  All opinions are my own.


Spooky Tunes: A Disney Halloween, an Exclusive Playlist on Rdio

Disney Halloween Songs Playlist on Rdio

We’re heading to the pumpkin patch when the kids get home from school today and what better way to get them in the mood.. the Halloween mood, than by listening to spooky music?

Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Tigger are among your favorite characters who make A Disney Halloween come alive.  Inside this exclusive playlist on Rdio, you’ll find nearly an hour of highlights from classic spooky collections such as Disney Villains: Simply Sinister Songs and composer Danny Elfman from The Nightmare Before Christmas (which celebrates its 20th anniversary this month), plus archival scary sounds and more.

Make way for the Heffalumps and Woozles, too!

Press play and enjoy one of Disney’s favorite holidays of the year: Halloween!

4 Pairs of Glow-in-the-Dark Shoes For Kids, Great For Trick-or-Treating This Halloween!

So you’re getting the kids ready for trick-or-treating on Halloween.

You probably have..

  • a costume
  • candy bucket
  • flashlight
  • candy to hand out
  • and I’m sure you’ve practiced trick-or-treating manners with your kids, right?  🙂

Have you thought about fun things like glow in the dark shoes to add even more excitement to trick-or-treating?

Here are four pair of cute glow-in-the-dark shoes for boys and girls that will be a great addition to any Halloween costume!

Glow in the Dark Shoes for Kids Halloween

1 – Crocs Disney/Pixar Monsters Inc. Glow-in-the-Dark Clogs at Khols.com – $32

2 – Night Glow Zombie Slip-On at Vans.com – $40

3 – Glow Bones Slip-Onsicon – at Vans.com – $40

4 – Glow in the Dark Pumpkin Ballet Flat Girls – $19.99


Have you found a pair of cute glow in the dark shoes for kids?  Share them with us in the comments below.

Alicia, The Mommy Insider blog author