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Getting Great Photos with the HTC OneX+

I’ve been using the HTC OneX+ for two weeks.  Transitioning from an iPhone 4s to an Android phone has been much easier than I expected mostly due to the fact that I can customize the OneX+ to my delight, via phone settings, apps, widgets, and the many camera settings.

The HTC OneX+ is currently one of the top selling Android phones on the market. Continuing where the original OneX left off, the OneX+ is even faster by 67 percent and includes a powerful 1.7GHz quad-core processor, twice as much battery power and a whopping 64GB of internal storage. The latter is particularly excellent for individuals who enjoy using their phone as their camera and consider themselves suave photographers.  I am always taking photos and videos of my two kids.  They grow up so fast, right?  I have to catch all of their most precious moments on film.  To that end, the HTC OneX+ is one of the best phones for shooting quality photos and video moments that you never want to forget. If you are considering a new phone based on its camera specifications, it is worth noting all the features found in the OneX+.

HTC OneX+ Android for AT&T
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The HTC OneX+ allows you to capture a group shot via group portrait view. This is the perfect feature if you are a parent and want to snap lots of photos of your kids. If your child’s eyes happen to be closed in a shot you are attempting to take you can rely on five shots taken by the phone at once. This allows you to select the best photo of each person in the shot, which means you can get the perfect shot while taking photos of the family. One of the typical great features of HTC’s One line of smartphones is that you can snap photos while shooting video. This is an excellent way to get terrific pictures time and time again.  If you are shooting a movie of your child’s birthday party, you can kill two birds with one stone simply by tapping the camera button while recording. Select your favorite photos to save them or record stills while you are capturing your movie.  Watch a short movie explaining how to use Group Shot here.

Capturing actions shots with the OneX+’s camera is also extremely easy.   You know those times when you are at your daughter’s ballet recital or your son’s soccer game and you know it’s going to take a lot of shots to get the ‘perfect’ photo?  Well, the OneX+ takes care of that with continuous shooting.  Continuous Shooting is a feature that allows you to get the shot you truly want. Hold down the shutter button to take multiple photos during an action moment. You can select your favorite shots through viewing your saved gallery. This allows you to find those perfect action shots.

The HTC OneX+ camera includes a feature that lets you get great photos in varying backlight conditions. HDR can help you to snap the perfect pictures in bright sunlight so that the subject of your photo is visible and crystal clear. The feature works by taking three shots and bringing together the best light conditions from each to give you the perfect photo.

The 8 megapixel camera includes Flash (with 5 settings), autofocus and HTC’s own ImageSense, which provides the variety of great features for shooting the perfect photos. You can snap up to 99 pictures with a single press. Great for those times that you absolutely can’t miss the perfect shot.  Smart Flash provides five levels of flash, which are automatically set depending on the distance to your subject. Sightseeing mode is available as well, making your phone’s camera always ready for snapping a great shot at any moment.

Photo taken with HTC OneX+

Some of the photographs featured in this post were taken with my HTC OneX+ provided by HTC.  Learn more about the HTC OneX+ here.

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Note to my readers: I received a complimentary HTC OneX+ for purposes of this review..  As always, all opinions presented in my posts are 100% honest.