Graco True Focus Digital Video Monitor Review
Graco True Focus Digital Video Monitor Review

Graco® True Focus™ Digital Video Monitor Review

by Alicia in Bedtime, Gadgets, Safety

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Bringing a new baby home from the hospital is an exciting experience.  You want to do everything you can to make sure that your baby is safe and secure in your house. The Graco True Focus Digital Video Monitor, available at Walmart, will help assure you that your baby is safely sleeping in her room without you having to go in his room and risk disturbing her sleep.

My daughter is six-years-old and we still have a video monitor in her bedroom.  She has what we think are night terrors and will cry out or whimper in the night.  Before we had a video monitor either my husband or I would get out of bed to check on her.  When she was about 2 1/2 years old her pediatrician told us that parents shouldn’t wake a child who is having a night terror.  We have had a video monitor in her room since.  Having a video monitor in her bedroom is a must for us and  allows us to check on her without actually going into her room and risking waking her.

Graco True Focus Digital Video Monitor

Graco True Focus Digital Video Monitor

A typical baby monitor only allows you to hear the baby. The advanced technology in this video monitor allows you to see your baby in real time. The digital zoom provides a clear, close-up view of the baby on a high-resolution, 2.4″ color video screen.

Monitor Screen and Vision Modes

There are different vision modes built in, including a night mode, so you will always have a clear picture. For convenience, there is a built-in clock so you can check the time while you are checking on the baby.

Graco True Focus™ Digital Video Monitor

Photo taken at night when my bedroom and my daughter's bedroom were dark - The lines are not on actually on the monitor but are a result of photographing a monitor.

Features active parents will love

For active parents, there is a belt clip on the video monitor so that you can keep it with you as you take care of things around the house. You can bring it with you to any room and you will never feel like you are too far from your baby. With this monitor, there will be nothing to worry about if you decide to close yourself in the bathroom for a bubble bath or head down to the basement to use the treadmill. Your baby will be in your sight at all times. The child unit even comes with a battery back-up so will not lose sight of your baby during a power outage.  This Graco monitor operates on a 2.4 GHz frequency, so there will be no interference from other household electronics.

This digital video baby monitor provides new parents with a worry-free experience while their child is sleeping. New parents want to be able to watch their baby at all times. With this video baby monitor, parents can do that. While the baby is sleeping, parents have the benefit of being able to go about their normal routines and baby is never out of sight.

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