Baby Proofing Products and Tips
Baby Proofing Products and Tips

4 Baby Proofing Products Every Home Should Be Equipped With

by Alicia in Age 0-1 year, Age 1-3, Safety

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Baby proofing

Even this cute baby (my daughter) got into things she shouldn't!

Before a baby even starts to crawl, parents should begin baby proofing the home.  Speaking from experience, there are many things an infant can get into. Many parents, like myself 12 years ago, wonder where to start when it comes to the safety of their child. I quickly learned that power cords, a sharp table corner, cabinets, electrical outlets and the pool if the family has one, are some of the dangers parents may want to start baby proofing first.

Parents can baby proof electrical outlets by using plastic outlet plugs. Outlet covers are cheap and available in any store that sells baby items.  Electrical outlets are extremely dangerous.  I should know.. I put a bobby pin in one when I was a child.  It is very important to baby proof all outlets in your house by using outlet plugs.  Outlet plugs are difficult for a baby or toddler to remove but parents are able to remove them easily.

Safety 1st Deluxe Press Fit Outlet Plugs

Example: Safety 1st Deluxe Press Fit Outlet Plugs

There are table corner protectors to soften sharp edges of coffee tables, end tables and counters.  My daughter, now 6, has had her fair share of head-to-table encounters if you know what I mean.  She has always been on the more clumsy side than my son was so we went all out on the baby and child proofing supplies during her clumsy years.

Safety 1st Expandable Table Edge Bumper

Example: Safety 1st Expandable Table Edge Bumper

Cabinet safety locks and latches keep small children out of cabinets that contain dangerous products. Cabinet locks can be found in the baby section of most retail stores and are easy to install.  Cabinet safety locks are relatively easy to install and make it so that parents and older children are able to get into a cabinet easily while babies and toddlers aren’t. 

Dreambaby cabinet Safety Latches

Example: Dreambaby Cabinet Safety Latches

Baby gates keep toddlers from going into areas they don’t need to crawl around in, like the backyard where the family pool is. The great thing about baby gates is that they can be stretched to fit different sized doorways. They can also be moved around to any doorway, insuring infant safety.  At one time we had four safety gates installed around our house, including one on our front porch.  You never know where your baby or toddler will venture off to so it’s better to be safe than sorry and install a baby safety gate wherever you think your baby should not wander off to.

safety baby gate

Example: Dreambaby Extra Tall Swing Close Gate

There are also products to baby proof and conceal power cords that can be found in hardware stores and retail stores.

If parents still aren’t certain they have covered all the basics then they might want to consider contacting a local baby proofing company. The company would provide parents with all the products and materials they needed to make their home a safer environment for their child.Children get into trouble all the time. They are always sticking things in their mouths, taking a tumble down the stairs, poking hair pins into outlets and knocking their heads on sharp corners. This is why it is so important to make sure that the home environment is a safe haven before the baby becomes mobile.

Alicia Hagan, Editor
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