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Kijiji iPhone app review + $25 iTunes giveaway!

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My husband and I are on a ‘get rid of stuff‘ kick.  We are selling tons of baby and kids stuff at a consignment sale here in Atlanta this weekend and let me tell you.. if I ever sign up to do this again (which I seriously doubt I will) I’m going to make sure I have lots of time, xanax, and sleep the week of the sale.   What a royal pain in the butt this week has been, but the hopefully the payoff will be worth it.  You may have noticed that I’ve written fewer reviews and posts in the last 5 or so days.. blame it on the consignment sale!

logoSmall1What does this have to do with Kijiji you ask? I was recently introduced to which is an online community where members can connect with one another to exchange goods, ideas, and services and is the perfect place for a mom like me to sell used kids stuff without having to enter each item into an online inventory system, print card stock tags, and then secure the tag onto the item with packing tape… sorry.. I went off on a rant again.

The FREE Kijiji iPhone app allows Kijiji users to search local classified ads, watch listings, reply to listings and post items with just a few simple taps while on the go. The Kijiji iPhone app makes it easy to buy or sell everything from clothes to cribs, find a babysitter, adopt a pet, rent an house and do so much more, right from your iPhone.
What a great way to occupy yourself while waiting in the pick up line at school!  Find stuff to buy, locally, and cheap.. just because it’s a little ‘used’.  Just don’t get to the point where you need a Kijiji intervention though.. it could happen!

Learn more about the Kijiji iPhone app here.

We are giving a lucky reader a $25 iTunes giftcard!

We’ll give you one entry for each question you answer. Tell me your answers in the comments box below.

  1. What is your favorite family-friendly iPhone app?
  2. If you sold $300 worth of stuff on Kijiji, what would you do with the money?
  3. What’s the most expensive item you’ve purchased online in general?

Have fun with the Kijiji iPhone app and good luck on the iTunes giftcard giveaway!


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