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Your Next App Addiction: ShopYourWay Mobile


If your child calls your iPhone your 3rd hand or if your smartphone is glued to your body 18+ hours a day, you likely have a favorite app or two.  My favorite apps include Pandora, Hootsuite, Reminders, and now the new Shop Your Way app.   These are 4 apps that can be slightly addictive.   I won’t even mention games.  We all know a few game apps that are VERY addictive, right?

Prepare yourself, because there’s a new app in town that is destined to be your next obsession (and it does more than just crush candies).

The Shop Your Way mobile app is a member’s dream. The app stores up to 20% in coupons or points on a regular basis that you can redeem directly from your smart phone. Say goodbye to carrying around that coupon pouch! The fun doesn’t end at saving money. You can use the app to go behind the scenes of our celebrity brands like Adam Levine, Nicki Minaj and much more.

Shop Your Way app“Download the SYW App” for the following features:

  • Shop’in to access daily in-store deals! Download the Shop Your app today”
  • Shop’in to get exclusive sales and load coupons! Download the Shop Your Way app today
  • Clip coupons right to your mobile phone! Download the Shop Your Way app today
  • Get coupons right on your phone to use in store for purchases! Download the Shop Your Way app today
  • Download to get Behind the scenes, styling tips, shopping, etc… from Nicki and Adam

Download the Shop Your Way app today! and start saving money today!

Gift Guide: 4 Wireless Speakers Great For Families

Chances are, there are at least 4 devices in your home that are used to play music.   My son walks around with earphones in his pocket 24/7.  I guess he doesn’t walk in his sleep, that I know of at least, but he sleeps with his earphones too.  I’m not a big fan of sleeping with earphones or having earphones in ears hour after hour.  That’s where wireless speakers come in handy.

Wireless (aka Bluetooth speakers) speakers are great for households in which there are iOS and Android devices.

Wireless speakers work with nearly all smartphones and tablets.  In my opinion, it would be idea to get the kids a wireless speaker as well as one for yourself.  You never know where the kid’s speaker is going to end up, right?

Most Bluetooth speakers are designed with rechargeable batteries, so they can be moved from room to room with ease.  When the battery charge is low, simply connect it to your computer or other charger.

Some wireless speakers such as the DECK speaker (#1 in the photo below), allow multiple devices to connect giving everyone in your home or at a party, the chance to play DJ for a while.

If you ask me, it’s time to go wireless.

Here are 4 wireless (bluetooth) speakers that will make a great gift this holiday season!

Gift Guide: Wireless Speakers


1 – DECK Wireless Speaker  – $199

2 – Sound Spot Compact Speaker – $69

3 – BeatBlock- Premium Bluetooth Wireless Speaker – On sale for $89 from $149 now at

4 – Bose® SoundLink® Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II – $299


Is there something that you’d like me to help you find for your holiday wish list?  Let me know in the comments below or email me at alicia @ and I’ll do my best to find whatever it is that your child (or you) are asking for holiday season.

NEW Monsters University Storybook Deluxe App for iOS

Stay tuned for our review of the Monsters University Storybook Deluxe app review!

In anticipation of this summer’s release of the Monsters, Inc. movie prequel, Monster’s University, Disney Publishing has a released a brand new app – Monsters University Storybook Deluxe! 

The fully animated interactive storybook is now available for $6.99 in the iTunes App Store for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Mini and sheds new light on the story of the friendship of beloved monster pals Mike and Sulley.

NEW Monsters University appPhoto source: iTunes

Young readers ages 6-10 will find out how the fun-loving monster duo went from being mismatched strangers to inseparable pals by exploring original film clips featuring official character voices, interactive storytelling exercises, game activities and more.

Additional app highlights include:

  • Create your own Monsters University ID badge & “Monsterify” photo tool
  • 3D, first-person game views and special rewards
  • Read-to-me and read-on-my-own narration options

Price: $6.99

Compatible with: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad Mini.

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Disney iOS App and Magazine Subscription Sale! | @Disneydigibooks

Like most little girls, my daughter loves everything to do with Disney princesses and fairies.   While we were at Barnes & Noble not too long ago, she spotted a Disney Fairies magazine and insisted that it would occupy her for hours if I bought it for her.  Well, you know the rest of the story.  Yes, and yes.  She got the magazine and sure enough, collectively, she has occupied herself for at least two hours with the magazine.

Check out the great sales on Disney apps and subscription magazines going on now!

The holidays are here – and to celebrate, Disney Publishing is offering a special price for all of its Storybook Deluxe apps in iTunes from December 21 through January 2.

From an underwater journey with Nemo to a high-octane Cars adventure, these apps are top-rated and are great gifts for friends and family to send via email or add as a print out within a holiday card.

  • Finding Nemo Disney Storybook ios appTangled: Storybook Deluxe for $2.99 (orig. $6.99) – From mischievous thugs to dazzling festivals, Rapunzel and her friend Flynn quickly learn there is much more to life outside the tower!
  • Brave: Storybook Deluxe for $2.99 (orig. $6.99) – Merida, the Princess of DunBroch, adds her tale of courage and determination to the ancient lore  of the Scottish Highlands as she sets out to defy an age-old tradition and forge her own destiny.
  • Finding Nemo: Storybook Deluxe for $2.99 (orig. $6.99) – Join Nemo, Dory, and all your favorite characters in this fantastic retelling of the Disney-Pixar film with cinematic animation and word-for-word narration with the voices from the film.
  • Cars 2: Storybook Deluxe for $2.99 (orig. $6.99) – Experience the action-packed story of Disney/Pixar’s Cars 2 with vibrant art, professional narration, exciting music and sound effects, plus A-list celebrity voices from the film.


This holiday sale comes just in time for stocking stuffers, family travel, and Christmas day and New Year’s fun.  You can also find all of Disney Publishing’s digital book apps here:

Print magazines just $15!

If you’re looking for print magazine gifts, check out the popular Disney magazines below – each annual subscription is $15 for a limited time only!

Disney children's magazine subscriptions

Loud Crow Interactive Back To School App Sale Through September 3rd!

I download apps like they are going out of style and I have to snag them all up before they disappear and LOVE when I find apps that are on sale. My daughter loves reading/book apps and some games while my son who is 12-years-old enjoys challenging game apps.  Loud Crow Interactive offers a variety of apps for the iPhone, iPad, Nook, and Android devices.

Loud Crow Interactive is a publisher of interactive children’s content. Their goal is to educate and to inspire the young & the young at heart through high quality digital content.  A couple of my daughter’s favorite apps are PopOut! The Tale of Benjamin Bunny and Barnyard Dance both of which are Loud Crow Interactive apps and are 50% off through September 3rd!

During their back-to-school sale, they are featuring Apps for as low as $0.99 from August 22nd to September 3rd.

Follow Loud Crow on Facebook & Twitter for sales updates, $.99 Flash Sales, free apps and board book giveaways!