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SHORTS movie release + ‘Shorts’ prize package presented by

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I hope you’re looking forward to Shorts, the new PG movie from the director of Spy Kids.. it’s sure to be a huge hit.  Sebastian can’t wait to see it!


In Theaters August 21st.. Shorts is set in the suburb of Black Falls, where all the houses look the same and everyone works for BLACK BOX Unlimited Worldwide Industries Incorporated, whose Mr. Black’s BLACK BOX (say that 5 times really fast) is the ultimate communication and do-it-all gadget that’s sweeping the nation.

Shorts Movie posterShorts movie details

Other than keeping his parents employed, however, Mr. Black’s BLACK BOX has done nothing for 11-year-old Toe Thompson, who just wants to make a few friends…until a mysterious rainbow-colored rock falls from the sky, hits him in the head and changes everything. The Rainbow Rock does Mr. Black’s BLACK BOX one better: it grants wishes to anyone who holds it. Before long, wishes-gone-wrong have left the neighborhood swarming with tiny spaceships, crocodile armies, giant boogers…and outrageous magical mayhem around every corner.

But it’s not until the grown-ups get their hands on the Rock that the trouble really starts. Now Toe and his newfound friends must join forces to save their town from itself, discovering along the way that what you wish for is not always what you want.

Watch the trailer on the official website here.

The Mommy Insider is presenting three lucky readers with ‘Shorts’ prize packages!

Shorts movie prizes 2 First Prize Winners will receive these prizes with a retail value of $86.50!

• Kids Backpack (two styles!!)
• “Green Splat” T-shirT
• Lollipop
• Sticker sheets
• Frisbee
• Beach ball
• Hat
• Yo-Yo

Shorts movie prizes 1Grand Prize Winner will receive the complete prize pack listed above as well as the Shorts “Phlat” Ball.

Retail Value $109.50.

To enter to win, watch the trailer here on the official Shorts website, then come back here and leave a comment below telling me tell me why you want to see the movie. 

For additional entries:

  • Tell me what your wish would be if you got hold of the Rainbow Rock
  • Re-tweet this post then leave your Twitter ID in the comment

CONTEST ENTRY DATES: Contest starts on August 7th and ends August 24th

Read The Mommy Insider’s ‘Shorts contest rules’

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