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Frigidaire Test Drive Moms

by Alicia in Frigidaire

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Here is a list of the wonderful Mommy Bloggers who are Frigidaire Test Drive Moms:


Stacy Mom Central
Alicia The Mommy Insider
Mir Want Not
Candace Mamanista!
Christine From Dates to Diapers
Trisha 24/7 MOMS
Melissa Consumer Queen
Audrey Mom Generations


Melanie My Little Patch of Sunshine
Heather Freebies 4 Mom
Lea Ann Mommy’s Wish List
Stephanie Adventures In Babywearing
Stacie The Divine Miss Mommy
Elizabeth Mom Reviews
Tanya Mommy Goggles
Lindsay Suburban Turmoil


Brandy Not So Average Mama
Kim What’s That Smell?
Jennifer The Dirty Shirt
Janine Twofer the Price of One
Mariana Riding With No Hands
Kathy Kathy Peterson
Leah Life as Lou
Alison The Safety Mom


Kristin An Ordinary Life
Jo-Lynne Musings of a Housewife
Angela Seven Dogs and a Baby
Caryn Rockin’ Mama
Anne-Marie This Mama Cooks! On a Diet
Jennifer Mommy Needs Coffee
Jill The Daily Grind
Erinn Parenting Our Children


Stacey All Because Two People Fell in LOVE
Renee Cutie Booty Cakes
Jerri Ann Momecentric
Trisha Momdot
Jamie Blonde Mom Blog
Lori My Wooden Spoon
Diane Diane’s Big Green Purse
Tara I’m Not Suffering From Insanity, I’m Enjoying It

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