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The No-Cry Nap Solution: Guaranteed Gentle Ways to Solve All Your Naptime

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The No-Cry Nap SolutionI am a firm believer in naps. It was difficult for me when Madelyn started fighting nap time at about 2 years old but I am determined for her to nap until she’s 10 at least 4.  Sebastian, now 9, took naps until he was 5 and still would if it was up to me! I need ‘nap time time’.  I need that couple of hours to work in peace, take a shower, or exercise and she needs the nap for many reasons.

In ‘The No-Cry Nap Solution‘ Elizabeth covers many reasons why your child may fight nap time including irregular schedules, being overtired and over-wired by nap time, and reliance on a specific sleep aid.  I believe that Madelyn started fighting nap time when we re-scheduled her nap time to 1:00 from her regular 11:30 nap time.  She was too wired and tired to settle down at 1:00 so it was difficult to get her to sleep.  I would not have thought about her being over-tired, but once we got her back to going down around 11:30-12:00, she fell asleep much quicker and with less of a fight.

Daytime naps might last just a few short hours, but they can affect all twenty-four hours of a child’s day. Naps can improve a child’s mood and reduce fussiness, crying, whining, and tantrums. Studies show that children who nap daily get sick less often, grow taller, and are less likely to be obese when they grow up. Naps enhance attention span and brain development. Naps can also help make up for any shortage in nighttime sleep. Even a one hour shortage in overall sleep hours can have a negative effect on a child – compromising alertness and brain function, and increasing fussiness and fatigue.

Author, Elizabeth Pantley, is the author of several other parenting books including the popular No-Cry Sleep Solution and has four children of her own so I trust that she knows what she’s talking about.  I highly recommend The No-Cry Nap Solution for any new parent or even parents of toddlers.. it’s never to late to figure out why the heck your child won’t take a nap and learn how to make nap-time happen!

You’ll find information about all 9 of Elizabeth Pantley’s books on her website.

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