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Out with the old and in with the new.. Frigidaire appliances

by Alicia in Cleaning & Cleaners, Frigidaire, New posts

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I am on the edge of my seat waiting for my new Frigidaire appliances which should arrive within the next couple of weeks… I hope!

My current washing machine is over 20 years old and has served me very well.  With all of the new features my new Frigidaire washing machine will have, I’m afraid I might go into shock. Every time I start a load of laundry I think of the gorgeous red Frigidaire Affinity washing machine I’ll be using soon.

When I open my dishwasher and empty it for the 2nd time in a day, I day dream of the brand new Frigidaire Gallery Dishwasher that will take the old one’s place very soon.  I am looking forward to the new dishwasher because our isn’t drying the dishes very well lately and I have to spend time drying them before I can put them away.dishwasher-all-inside1

My refrigerator is great, but small. We bought it about 5 years ago when we bought our new house and we were on a tight budget so we bought a relatively inexpensive fridge that doesn’t have as much space or a water and ice dispenser.  The new Frigidaire refrigerator has an water and ice dispenser on the door and the water will be filtered!  Our sink faucet doesn’t allow for a water filtration attachment,  so I am really excited that we will be able to get filtered water right from the door of our new Frigidaire Gallery Side-by-Side Refrigerator.


Why and HOW am I getting new Frigidaire appliances?
I was lucky enough to have been chosen as one of 8 wonderful ‘Mommy Bloggers’ across the country to be a Frigidaire Test Drive Mom and receive all new appliances.  Besides the 8 of us who will test and review all 5 major appliances, there are 40 other great ‘Mommy Bloggers’ who will each receive one Frigidaire appliance to test and review on their blog.

Here are a few Frigidaire time savers that would have helped me in the last two days and that I’m really looking forward to:

  • I could have used the Quick Preheat feature of my ‘almost here’ Frigidaire Range this morning when helping Sebastian bake his chocolate chip cookies.
  • Frigidaire range - chicken nugget buttonI did 6 loads of laundry yesterday and was jonesing for Frigidaire’s TimeWise™ technology where the wash time equals dry time – so you don’t have to wait for clothes to dry.  I kept having to run downstairs to the laundry area to check on the dryer as it takes longer than the wash.  Madelyn’s at the age now where when I run down stairs, she runs down stairs.  Then she gets fixated on something to play with downstairs when I’m ready to get back upstairs.  Ahh!
  • I would have loved it if the clean dishes in the dishwasher were actually dry!  The new Frigidaire dishwasher has a feature called Effortless™ Dry which gives you best-in-class drying performance, so there’s no more double-duty towel drying.
  • Maybe I would have made chicken nuggets if my oven had a “Chicken Nuggets” button!?

Over the next few months I will be sharing photographs, stories, and videos with you of my new appliances and I will give you personal examples of how my new Frigidaire appliances help me save time.. because after all, Frigidaire has a “More Me-Time” Guarantee!

Here is a personal story, a little related, but maybe not entirely:
As I write this while sitting at my kitchen table working on my laptop while eating breakfast and I am breaking a little sweat.  The sweat is due in part to menopause (I’m 34..it came early) and part CHAOS!
Whatever do you mean Chaos, Alicia?
That’s what I feel like my husband’s wondering sometimes when he gets home from work and I’m telling him about my day.   Here’s a run down of the last 45 minutes: I made pancakes, scrambled eggs, made a biscuit for Madelyn, helped Sebastian make chocolate chip cookies while trying not to burn the pancakes or overcook the eggs and in the middle of all of that, Madelyn went to the bathroom and came back without her panties or shirt and I had to chase her down to get her dressed hoping all of the food was OK and not on fire!  In between all of that I cleaned the pans and utensils as I was done using them because I don’t want ants in my kitchen as in previous years.  Gosh, when I read that it doesn’t sound like that much but while I was doing it, I could barely feel my feet touch the floor.  I swear I was hovering!  I know this is a typical Mom story.

You can learn more about the 5 Frigidaire appliances I’ll be testing and featuring on The Mommy Insider at the Frigidaire website.

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