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Watahh Do kids ever WANT to drink water?  When WAT-AAH!'s available mine do.  That could be because we don't have juice in our fridge very often, so the options are water and milk.  But, 9 times out of 10, both of my kids chose milk – pre WAT-AAH!. 

When I put WAT-AAH! in the fridge in cluster of milk, regular bottled water, and apple juice, Sebastian chose WAT-AAH!.  The first time he chose WAT-AAH!, he said it was out of curiosity but he enjoyed it.  I caught his enjoyment on video but for some reason I can't get some of my videos to upload onto my new computer.  Just a little while later he chose WAT-AAH! again, over apple juice.  When I asked why he chose WAT-AAH! over the apple juice, he said it was "because the bottle is cool and looks fun".   I asked him about the lack of flavor and if he felt like his thirst was quenched and he replied with a simple "It's water mom.  Water doesn't have flavor and I'm not thirsty right now, I just drank some water". That was a bit of a smart-alic answer but he was being truthful.  It is in fact water, and after drinking about 1/3rd of the bottle of WAT-AHH! he wasn't thirst anymore.

There are currently four 'flavors' (unflavored) of WAT-AHH!; Brain, Body, Energy, and Bones.  You can learn more about WAT-AHH! here.

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