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Audiovox Homebase messaging center and digital frame

by Alicia in Organization

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What do you have on your fridge?  A calendar, a few photographs, some notes?  That's what I had on mine up until a couple of weeks ago.  I am so excited about Audiovox's Homebase Audio and Video system because it allows me to replace all of the visible fridge clutter with a pretty little shiny frame like device that does it all.


What is the Audiovox Homebase messaging and digital frame?

  • A calendar
  • A 7 inch digital photo frame
  • A video messaging center with a built in a video camera
  • A whiteboard
  • A magnet board
  • A post-it note holder

The Audiovox Homebase can be mounted to your refrigerator, wall, or set on your counter top.  They really thought of everything when designing this device.. there are even 3 different color cords you can use to conceal the cord going from the device to the wall outlet.

What do I do with the Audiovox Homebase system?

  • Leave important video messages for my husband and son
  • Watch my husband and son's funny video messages
  • Write reminders on the white board
  • Put cute photographs and small drawings on the magnetic strip
  • Manage my appointments
  • and much much more!

The Audiovox Homebase is a MOMMY MUST-HAVE!

Learn more about the Audiovox Homebase here or buy one here.

We are giving away an Audiovox Homebase to one lucky subscriber!  Learn how to enter here.

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