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Danika’s Totally Terrible Toss: The Legend of the Purple Flurp

by Alicia in Age 7-10, Ages 10-13, Books

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Purple-flurpThis book is part of the Secret Keeper Girl book series.  If you have a tween girl or know one, this is the perfect book to add to her collection.  The Legend of the Purple Flurp is a book about a 12 year old girl, Danika who gets in trouble for accidentally tossing ‘purple flurp’ at the lunch lady.  Consequently Danika gets into trouble which puts a major kink in her plans of winning the title of Miss Teeny Pop at Marion, Ohio’s Annual Popcorn Festival. 
Although the incident is an unfortunate accident Danika is given detention and meets three girls who help her gain new insight into what life is about.  Before accidentally throwing purple flurp (you have to read the book to learn what it is!) at a lunch lady Danika had the mindset that life was about what she had rather than who she is.  You know… fancy clothes, a big house, nice cars, all that stuff.

Danika’s Totally Terrible Toss: The Legend of the Purple Flurp is full of humor, real life situations, and activities for moms and daughters to do together. 
The book is addictive.  I read it with my nine year old the first day I got it for review and he actually read it in bed that night!  Don’t tell!!  We made sure to read the book in such a way that it didn’t seem so girly and he wouldn’t feel like he was reading a girly book.  I told him not to mind the pink cover. 

The Secret Keeper Girl series of books opens a door for moms and daughters to communicate about situations that tween girls go through.  There are currently three books in the Secret Keeper Girl series and are available individually or in bundles.

You will find Danika’s Totally Terrible Toss (Secret Keeper Girl) at Amazon.com for about $10.

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