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Precious Girls Club: Review and Giveaway

by Alicia in Books

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Looking for the giveaway?
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Created by Precious Moments, the Precious Girls’ A Little Bit of Faith (Precious Girls’ Club) book and and club is for girls from about ages 9-12 and are fun stories and learning tools for young girls.

Precious-girls-screenA Little Bit of Faith is a book about a girl who tries to start a club after she moves to a new town and a new school.  She has a hard time because she is the new girl in school and the kids don’t know her yet.  Katie discovers that a little bit of faith can help her overcome big challenges.

A few things I really enjoyed about the book are:

  • The short chapters make it easy to break into realistic segments whether daily, or before and then again after dinner.
  • The many pictures which keep young reader’s interest.
  • The questions asked in the story are those that reader’s want to answer.
  • The fact that young girls that relate to the story.

About the Precious Girls’ Club:

  • The website is a safe, wholesome environment created for young girls.
  • Precious Girls Club members create their own characters, decorate their rooms, explore the town, socialize, play games and even shop “virtually” using the points they earn on the site.
  • The games reinforce virtues such as helpfulness, kindness, responsibility, loving and caring. In addition to points, many activities award “virtual” virtue charms.

We have two Precious Girls Club goodie bag sacks to give away! Each goodie bag sack includes bracelets, books, stickers and some other stuff, great for girls 6-12 years old.

Leave a comment below having something to do with the book, club website or a girls’ club you or your daughter were/are a part of.

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