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Thomas Wooden Railway Pirates Cove

by Alicia in Toys, Wooden Toys

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Beware of the pirates!  Sebastian, my eight year old son, has made three ‘movies’, all titled Indiana Thomas since he got the Pirates Cove Set.  He even brought the train set on our trip to Kentucky this week so he could show it to his cousins.   Madelyn, my two year old daughter, loves to push the trains around the track and try to join in on the movies Sebastian makes.  The set is great for ages 3 & up but I let Madelyn play with it as long as I’m in the room.

The train set
has three caves and tunnels that the trains can go under and over and that hide buried treasure. 

The set also includes accessories the Admiral, Thomas, Salty and other accessories.  The realistic details make it easy for kids to create imaginative stories and scenarios.

I didn’t bring the right camera card with the photographs and videos of Sebastian and Madelyn playing with the train set, to Kentucky with us this week so I am not able to post them today.  I will post them when we get back to Atlanta next week.

Visit the Learning Curve website to learn more or buy the Pirates Cove train set.

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