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Gimos Kidswear

by Alicia in Baby & Kids Clothing

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Madelyn, my two year old daughter, loves dresses.  She will take off her clothes and put on a dress if she can get to one.  She’s even worn one of my tank tops thinking it was a dress but I didn’t burst her bubble by telling her that it was just a tank top.  She was so excited when she saw this dress!  It was really cute, she took a deep breath in and then said "Ooooohhh!".  Madelyn is wearing the Ema dress in the photograph above.  I love the long length and the chest area and sleeves are wide
enough that it will probably fit her after her third birthday, next May.

Madelyn and Sebastian recently received three Gimos pieces each.  Madelyn received a swimsuit, bikini, cropped pants, and a dress and Sebastian got a pair of shorts, swim shorts, and a long sleeve shirt.  All of the pieces have held up well after multiple washings.  I worried that embroidery on the dress and shorts might not hold up well but found that after a few washes the embroidered designs look as good as new.  I hand washed Madelyn’s swim suits although I’m not sure if that was necessary. I usually hand was bathing suits and didn’t check the tags.



The kids looked super cute in the Gimos swimwear they wore during our recent Florida vacation. You can see pictures of the kids wearing the swimwear on our vacation blog here.

Yes, Sebastian is acting like a chicken in the photograph above.. I’m not sure why.  He is wearing the ‘Blue Swimshorts‘ and pictured to the left are the two other pieces he has.  He says the green (‘Letter Print Shorts‘) are comfortable but he did add that they are a little big and he loves the ‘Spider T-shirt‘ which I think will be really cool to wear in October, for Halloween.  Despite the shorts being a little large, he wears them a lot.  It’s a little warm to wear the shirt now but it will worn a lot in October, I’m sure.

I think Gimos clothing (except the girls swimsuits) runs a little large so you might want to buy a size smaller than you would normally buy.  However, I personally am not at all upset by the larger than normal fit because the kids can wear the clothes longer!

I found a coupon code for Gimos online but am not sure of its expiration date.  Use coupon code GIMOS2008 for 20% off your purchase.

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