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Zoobie Pets, a stuffed animal with three uses

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Who needs a favorite stuffed animal, a favorite blankie, and a favorite pillow when she can have all three in one super cuddly, wonderfully soft, Zoobie Pet?


It didn’t take long for Madelyn and Sebastian (2 & 8 respectively) to warm up to and fight over the Kojo the Croc we received a few months ago.  Ultimately, Madelyn won the fight and has spent many hours snuggling with Kojo but Sebastian has to help her get the blanket back inside Kojo when Madelyn is ready to use him as a pillow or stuffed animal to carry around.   I know it’s not fair.

Zoobie Pets are available in two collections, Zoo and Safari.
The Zoo collection includes a lion, giraffe, monkey, panda, a hippopotamus and seven more animals.  The Safari collection includes a zebra, rhinoceros, an elephant and ten other animals.  Just about any child should be able to find a Zoobie Pet of his favorite animal.

Zoobie Pets are a three in one plush animal.
When your Zoobie Pet arrives it is a plush animal that is just the right size for your child to carry.  Release the two hook and loop velcro tabs to turn your Zoobie Pet into a super soft pillow, and then unzip your Zoobie Pet to reveal a super soft, removable blanket.  The blanket can be removed and machine washed and tumble dried.

Zoobie Pets are a stuffed animal that your child will have and use for a long time.  And with three different uses, it can replace all those blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals that your child packs in the car to take to Grandma’s house.

Website: Zoobie Pets

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