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Suds and Surprise Dora

by Alicia in Age 3-5, Bath Toys & Gear

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SudssurprisedoraSuds and Surprise Dora is the best of both worlds for Madelyn. 
She would take four baths a day if I let her.  Now with having Dora in the tub it’s hard to convince her that she’s already clean and doesn’t need a fifth bath.  Madelyn can brush Dora’s hair, put hair clips in her hair, and pour water on Dora’s head.  Gone are the days when it was my head that was getting doused with water during bath time!  Yeah!

Suds and Surprise Dora is a fun bath toy that does lots of neat things.  Suds and Surprise Dora is a styling head that you can use in and out of
the tub. Use cold water in
the applicator to add butterfly and star face paint to Dora’s cheeks.  Madelyn’s favorite thing to do with Dora is put the color changing hair clips in her hair.  Poor Dora has had some funky hairdo’s.

The included base
suctions securely to the bathtub wall so while Madelyn is tugging on Dora’s hair with the comb, Dora stays put.   In warm water, the deco in Dora’s
swim suit changes and an undersea design appears on her face.  You can
also pour warm water from the sea horse pitcher to add pink streaks to
Dora’s hair.  There are so many ways kids can play with Suds and Surprise Dora that I can see this being a bath toy that sticks around for a long while… in our house at least. 

For even more fun kids can put Dora on a table and play ‘hair dresser’ or suction it to a window or the refrigerator.  Madelyn prefers to keep Dora in the bathtub for now. 

Suds and Surprise Dora can be bought at

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