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Scootababy – a sling that holds my two year old

by Alicia in Age 0-1 year, Age 1-3, Travel

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VerticalgoodishMadelyn is a very attached child and has been since she was an infant.  As a matter of fact, as I am sitting here typing this, she has half of her body on me as if to say "don’t even think about moving mom".   I’m sure a lot of it has to do with me holding her 24/7 for the first few months of her life, but now that she is older (2), it is really difficult to hold her and carry Scootababysmallher for more than a few minutes without feeling pain in my back (previous car accident issues). 

Until recently I thought that baby carriers were just for small babies under a year old.  That was until I learned about Scootababy Baby Carriers which hold babies up to 40 lbs.  Both Madelyn and I find the Scootababy to be comfortable for long periods of time and I am really pleased with how easy it is to put on and take off.   The custom built buckles make for easy adjusting with one hand while Madelyn is in the carrier. The front, back and waist straps can be adjusted so the carrier will fit on a wide range of body sizes.  I have worn Madelyn in the Scootababy while cleaning and was nervous that she was going to fall out when I bent down to pick something up or empty the dishwasher, but she was secure in the Scootababy and she hasn’t slipped out yet!

The Scootababy is easy on your back, stylish, durable, sturdy, and safe.

The Scootababy can be machine washed and dried but it is best to spot clean and air dry it when possible.

WEBSITE: Scootababy

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