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Tieramid Circle Set: $25.99+

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TieramidI love wooden toys.  They are timeless and bring back memories of the wooden blocks I played with for years. It’s so great to see my kids playing with wooden blocks.

Tieramid blocks are non-toxic, colorful, circular nesting blocks.  Tieramid blocks are great for young children learning colors and the concept of inside and outside, and small and large.  The blocks fit together flat to make designs or be stacked to build a colorful towers.

The large set comes with 52 design/pattern cards to get your child started designing and building.  Sebastian builds ‘mountains’, funny characters, and comes up with really cool patters and Madelyn loves to destroy whatever he’s built.

You will be impressed with the things your child can make with Tieramid blocks like birds, flowers, and silly faces and your child will be so proud of him/herself for creating such beautiful pieces of art! 

Tieramid will bring out the artist in your kids, without the mess of paints and markers.

Click here to learn more about or buy Tieramid blocks.


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