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Cookie Magazine – February 2008 issue: $3.50

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Cookie_februaryCookie showcases all the best for your family, featuring fashion,
        home, travel, entertainment and health for parents and their children. Cookie believes that being
        a good parent and maintaining your sense of style are not mutually exclusive.

Throughout February’s issue you will find fashionable cold-weather clothing ideas for everyone in your family.  For Dad (a very handsome Dad), a cashmere sweater does the trick while Moms are reminded that just about anytime, anywhere, we can wear the tried and true basic three piece outfit which includes your favorite pair of jeans, a 3/4 length coat and pair of not so ordinary shoes.

The most interesting article in February’s issue is ‘the pink dress’ which is about a four year old boy who wants to wear a dress to school, forcing his parents to make a decision: protect him from ridicule or cultivate his self-expression?  I can’t imagine how I would react to a situation like this even though I consider myself to be very open-minded. My fear of classmates teasing my son would break my heart, but I 100% believe in self-expression.

This month’s cover features Liya Kebede, a model, actor, activist, and goodwill ambassador and her 2 year old daughter wearing a piece from Liya’s clothing line ‘Lemlem’.   Wow! Liya has a perfect life!  I was quickly proven wrong when I learned that she works very hard and faces the same daily trials that you and I  face as parents.  Liya tells us that ‘there is no typical day’.. sounds familiar, her daughter crawls into her bed at 2a.m… sounds familiar, and her daughter is often under her feet when she is working from home which makes it hard to get things done… that sounds so familiar.

Other features in February’s issue are Tips for a nontoxic life, Paid Maternity Leave?, and Storage Solutions for kid clutter.

Cookie Subscription$24/2 years (savings of $60!)

WEBSITE: Cookie Mag website


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