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Spider-Man and TMNT card games: $6.99+

by Alicia in Age 5-7, Games

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BriarpatchgamesBriarpatch’s Spider-Man and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle card games are great games to give your kids when you need them to be occupied for a few minutes without getting sucked into a serious game like Monopoly.

The card games are fairly simple and are great for 2-4 players ages 6+. 

The Spider-Man 3 Battle Within card game is a little more complex but still good for ages 6+.  The point is to capture as many villains as you can
with help from your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! With the flip of
a card, you can capture one and all or liberate your opponents’ bad
Help Spider-Man battle a
host of vengeful enemies as he confronts his past, dueling with revenge
and evil! Capture as many villains as you can before Venom, the Sandman
and others destroy Spider-Man. Includes game mat, 50 collectible cards
and rules.

Briarpatch card games can be purchased at the Briarpatch website or at Amazon.

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