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LONPOS Pyramid and Rectangle Games

by Alicia in Ages 10-13, Games, Travel

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LonposLONPOS is a brainteaser game that at first challenged my patience and concentration skills but after a few games, I was concentrating like a pro and forgot that I have ever lost my patience. 
All of our testers played at least 5 LONPOS games at one sitting. Once a player starts the game, they don’t want to stop.

How do you play?
To play LONPOS’ 2D games, you take out the 12 game pieces, all of which are different colors, from the box and put them on the tray. Then, from the
booklet, locate a problem that you would
like to try to solve and place
the pieces on the game board in accordance with the illustration. Once
you have done that, the challenge is to fit the remaining pieces into
the spaces remaining.  At first I thought that the games would be simple so I jumped to level 5. Oops, I was wrong! I decided it was best to start at level one where only one piece is missing and I got that level done in no time. 

The LONPOS 101 and the LONPOS 303 Pyramid and Rectangle games are
pocket/ purse sized making them perfect travel games or for working on
while waiting in a doctor’ s office, etc. and each of these LONPOS models has 360,984 2-dimensional rectangles and 2,582 3-Dimensional
pyramids that can be completed. This game is like the Energizer Bunny.. it keeps going and going and going and going.  Play as many or as few games and levels as you like.

Get your older children away from the TV and video games and have them stimulate their minds with LONPOS.

Great for ages 8+ including older adults,  LONPOS makes a wonderful gift for any occasion.

LONPOS is available for $16.99 here.

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