SmartShopper: Easy grocery shopping at last!

Smartshopper The SmartShopper has changed my life. Really.  Before I had the SmartShopper, I dreaded going to the grocery store because I knew that I would be going up and down and all around each aisle more than once to find everything I needed even with a list.  If you saw one of my ‘to do’ or grocery lists you would probably think I have some kind of organizational (lack thereof) disorder.  The first ten or so items are listed nicely, but then I start going diagonally, upside down, and items end up all over the page going all different directions and when I’m done about two hours later (cooking dinner, folding laundry, helping with homework) it is complete chaos.

That is where SmartShopper comes in handy. With SmartShopper, I can have a complete grocery and/or errand list done within 10 minutes and it will even show quantities for each item and whether or not I have a coupon for a specific item. Now that the grocery list is organized into categories/aisles, my husband can do the grocery shopping for me!  He can’t complain that he has to run all over the store ten times to find everything on the list anymore and I can get some work done while he is shopping.  I am so relieved.

SmartShopper works by voice recognition. You simply push the ‘Record’ button and say the name of the item to be added to the list. I have found that 80% of the time, SmartShopper gets the item right the first time. If SmartShopper doesn’t recognize the item you are saying, it will allow you to add a new item yourself. This has come in very handy for things like ‘green popsicles’.. I don’t like purple popsicles in my house and I have to remind Tim that we want only green popsicles.  For each item you add, you can enter the quantity you need. Quantities are available in several formats including boxes, bags, and lbs.  Adding coupons is easy too. Simply click on the item you want to indicate that you have a coupon for and click on ‘add/delete coupon’. When your list is printed you will see a coupon icon next to items you indicated you have a coupon for.

SmartShopper recognizes 2,500 items so chances are you will have a perfect grocery list the first time you use it.  The SmartShopper unit is a compact 7 1/2" x 4" and is only 1 1/4" thick and can be mounted on your kitchen wall, kept on the counter or adhered to your refrigerator with its strong magnet.  I keep ours on the refrigerator so I can quickly add items that I find we are running low on and the items I have already added are listed in alphabetical order so I can easily see if I’ve already added an item by scrolling up or down.

SmartShopper is perfect for families with a nanny who does their grocery shopping, grandparents, and DADS!!

SmartShopper can be purchased at and you can visit to learn more.

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