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Crafty Babies – Mommy Necklace

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CraftybabiesNow that I am older, I have calmed down on the jewelry a bit. However, when I find a piece that I LOVE, I wear it 24/7. That’s exactly what I’ve done with my new Crafty Babies Sterling Silver Mommy Necklace.

The Mommy Necklace, handmade by Jamie Dadant, owner of Crafty Babies can be hand stamped with your child’s name, a favorite phrase, your name, or a general word such as ‘mommy’ which is what is on my piece. I am very pleased with the quality of the disc and the ‘mommy’ stamp. Both make for a necklace that I am happy to show off everywhere I go.

I was a little bummed that my kids names won’t fit on the disc but they are long names; Sebastian and Madelyn. The limit is seven characters. However, I LOVE that my necklace says "Mommy" because I LOVE to let everyone know that I am a proud mommy… no questions asked.

The sterling silver hand stamped disc hangs on a ball chain in either a 16" or 18" length… you choose. You can order additional discs if you have more than one child.Craftbabies2_2

The Mommy Necklace is very affordable and is a great Mother’s Day gift idea.  I think all moms should buy a ‘mommy necklace’ for themselves as a reminder that you are the world’s greatest mom.

I usually don’t mention other products in a review, but I  had such a fun time browsing the Crafty Babies website and feel that I need to share a few of my other favorites with you. Besides the Mommy Necklace you will find a great selection of Skid Pants (I want some of these for Madelyn!), super cute baby shoes, and one of my favorite products on the site is the Hand Painted Frames, pictured to the right.

Enjoy your visit and let me know what you buy!

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