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Sept. 17 Must-Have: Lullabelly Prenatal Music Belt

Lullabelly is yet another thing I wish I had when I was pregnant 10 and 4 years ago. I literally put a portable speaker on my belly when I was pregnant with Sebastian 10 years ago. Unfortunately, that was about the last time I listened to music (not kids music) and read a book in the same day! As moms know, that just doesn’t happen after the baby arrives.
Lullabelly prenatal music belt

With Lullabelly, you simply plug in your iPod® or iPhone™ and play music to your baby in the womb.
Now your baby can enjoy the many benefits of music — with Lullabelly, the prenatal music belt. Listening to music in the womb encourages learning, language development and memory skills. And playing the same music after birth can help your baby sleep better!

The Lullabelly Prenatal Music Belt is designed for an expectant mother to safely and comfortably play music (lullabies, audio books, or any prerecorded sounds) to her baby in the womb.

Simply plug Lullabelly into an iPod, iPhone, CD or MP3 player. There is a also a dual earphone adapter and earphones…so mom can listen too!

Forget about stretching a headset across your belly. It’s clumsy and nearly impossible to listen along to the same music while playing it for a baby.

It’s perfect for any expectant mother, and makes the perfect baby shower gift.

How much is it? $55
Where can I buy it?

Alicia Hagan

Karen Cole Paper: $ price varies

Karencole_thankyouGive your child a bundle of karen cole paper Thank You cards to sign and he/she might actually look forward to signing them.  The hand drawn whimsical look of Karen’s designs will bring joy to any recipients face be it a new mom or a young child. Each design is hand-illustrated and colored and then printed on heavy-weight bright-white card stock.  You can really impress your child’s friends parents by sending co-ordinating invitations and thank you cards.

I was pleased to find that Karen offers designs that cater to both boys and girls including trucks and ballerina slippers.  Her wedding and party invitations are sure to impress your invites.  Just looking at them makes me want to throw a party just to show off her fun designs.. and get away from the kids.. and my husband.. I’m just kidding!  I love my family.  Maybe I should give them all cards to express my love!  One more reason to go to karen cole paper!

The Mommy Insider readers get 10% off with code kcp10.

karen cole paper

What to Expect: Guide to a Healthy Home


Clorox has teamed up with every pregnant and new mom’s favorite author, Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel to bring us a great new guide titled "What to Expect: Guide to a Healthy Home". A wonderful guide for both expecting and experienced parents, this is something that you can give, and give, and give, free.

In the guide, Murkoff reminds us to do simple things like wash our hands before and after changing baby’s diaper, close the toilet lid before you flush (must do!!), and clean the sandbox at least every two weeks. Some of these things you probably already do, but you might not think to do a few things she recommends in the What to Expect: Guide to a Health Home guide like wash your child’s car seat cover.

The guide gives us practical tips on how to manage different rooms in our homes as well as our cars and outdoor toys. Murkoff even covers areas outside of our homes such as public bathrooms, playgrounds, cars and child care centers.

I recommend that you print the free 11 page .pdf version of What to Expect: Guide to a Health Home for yourself, your spouse, family, and friends. It’s just the right size to read quickly then store in your kitchen drawer, pantry, bathroom, or car for quick reference later on.

You can download the .pdf version of the What to Expect: Guide to a Healthy Home guide free, here.

Babycakes, gifts, and glamour

Babycakes_cakeBabycakes, gifts, and glamour… thats what Babycakes of Scottsdale offers expecting and new parents.

I didn’t know what a Babycake was until a few years ago. I thought it was an actual cake that you eat!
To an expecting mom, a babycake is better than the real thing. No calories, but full of fun!

Babycakes of Scottsdale custom creates 1, 2, and 3 tier cakes that are not only beautiful but are practical as well.  Each decorative tier is bountifully packed with baby blankets, sleepers, onesies, pacifiers, booties, that are sure to excite any expectant mother.  Babycakes of Scottsdale will top off your custom made babycake with an heirloom treasure such as a Tiffany® spoon, a Limoge box, or a bear.

Babycakes of Scottsdale also offers a great selection of gifts, and baby clothing that can be purchased individually. Items inlcude super cute  ‘twinkle toe slippers’ with crystals on the bottom, baby blankets, caps, and much more.

Where to buy: Babycakes of Scottsdale