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The Gifted Grasshopper – Bags bursting with books

by Alicia in Age 1-3, Age 3-5, Age 5-7, Books, Educational Toys

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GiftedgrasshopperThis is one of my all time favorite gift ideas for kids. I LOVE IT! 
I truly hope that The Gifted Grasshopper wins one of the first The Mommy Insider awards being announced around December.

I don’t like shopping at the mall or at large stores where there are a lot of people… especially with the kids. I prefer to shop online whenever possible. The Gifted Grasshopper makes it easy for parents to give their kids a wonderful selection of books just for their age, all in a super cute Gifted Grasshopper tote, grasshopper glasses, and a stuffed animal.

When Sebastian’s Gifted Grasshopper tote arrived, he was so excited. The first thing he did was put on the glasses. He says they make him smarter. How cute. He loves the books that came in his tote. They are unique books that you and I probably wouldn’t find on our own, and the kids love. 

Upon browsing the Gifted Grasshopper website I saw that they sell Party Bags! How cool is that?  You can choose from three different ‘levels’ of party bags depending on your budget and what you think the kids would like.

The Gifted Grasshopper sells bag’s for baby’s and for kids all the way up to 3rd grade. You can select the size of the gift bag which determines how many books are included and you can also choose the theme. Kindergarten themes include Fairy Tales, Alphabet, and Numbers.

I think The Gifted Grasshopper "bag of books" is a great idea for birthday gifts. Kids have enough toys  don’t they?

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The Gifted Grassshopper

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