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Cheri Nursing Pillows

by Alicia in Breastfeeding

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A nursing pillow is one of many items on most expectant moms "to buy" list. Unfortunately, most expecting moms don’t know that they have a choice when it comes to buying a nursing pillow. Visit the local baby store and you are sure to be bombarded with the ‘big brand’ nursing pillows, but is that the right pillow for everyone?

I wish I had a Cheri Nursing Pillow when Madelyn was breastfeeding. The main reason why is because  of the size, weight, the overall portability, and the ease of use of the Cheri Nursing Pillow. I remember many times that Madelyn would wake screaming to eat and it seemed like it took me forever to get situated with my nursing pillow… one of the big brands. 

The Cheri Nursing Pillow is the perfect size for storing, taking on trips, and for using in many different positions.

Cherinursingpillow2One more example of when I wish I had a Cheri Nursing Pillow would be when we were on one of our road trips to Kentucky or Florida. Once we stopped at a rest stop, I had to get my large big brand, nursing pillow out of the trunk, then I would spend a few minutes trying to get situated with it wrapped around me while in the front seat of the car all without sharing my breasts with the nice people at the rest stop. Try to be discreet at a rest stop with a huge nursing pillow.. it doesn’t work!

I recommend the Cheri Nursing Pillow to expectant moms and new moms. This nursing pillow also makes a GREAT gift!

The Cheri Nursing Pillow is available in nine colorful fabric patterns.


Where to buy: Cheri Nursing Pillows

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From the company: The Chèri nursing pillow is a unique breastfeeding
pillow, compact enough to pack in a large diaper bag, but large enough
to provide great support to nursing moms!  It’s distinctive design fits
moms of all weights and heights.

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