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Madelyn has been walking for a couple of weeks now. At first, she wouldn’t wander far from us so we didn’t worry about gates… we were always within 5 inches of her. Now that she is more confident in her walking skills, she is all over the place. She’s all over the kitchen, the dining room, the living room, the den, and her favorite is the stairs. Luckily, dreambaby sent us a couple of their safety gates so I know now what a really good safety gate is. When Sebastian was a baby, we used the wooden pressure gates all over the house so I wasn’t accustom to the metal/sturdy gate that dreambaby sent for review. I quickly warmed up to them though and now I won’t use or recommend anything other than dreambaby safety gates.

safety gates can be used in hallways, doorways, and they have baby safety gates especially for use at the top of your stairs.

Installation of the hallway gate was simple and the use was even easier. To install the hallway safety gate, you simply turn/screw the knobs until they are tight against the doorway or wall. That’s it. There is a little ‘slide’ button on the top of the handle of the gate that you simply shift while pulling up and out on the handle to open the gate. It’s a one handed process. It took me longer to write that sentence than it does to open the gate. What I love is that I don’t have to put Madelyn down while opening the dreambaby gates like I did with the wooden pressure gates. I can use one hand and it’s easy!

Another dreambaby product that I love is the cabinet safety locks. I never took into consideration that there would be a difference in cabinet safety locks from brand to brand, but there is. We have two dreambaby safety cabinet locks that I love and have been using for a while, and when I needed more, I purchased a three pack at Target by the brand that they carry. I don’t like them.  You don’t realize how nice a product is until you use a similar product that stinks. The other brand is very difficult to open compared to the dreambaby brand. The dreambaby cabinet locks do a great job at keeping Madelyn out of the cabinets, so I don’t see why I should use a more difficult lock. I am ordering more dreambaby cabinet locks so I don’t have to use the other brand.

dreambaby sells a lot ofther safety products including a bathroom line which I will review soon.  They sell a complete safety value pack with 46 safety products.

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