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BinkylassoMadelyn’s pacifier is part of her wardrobe. There is not one hour of the day when she is without her pacifier. She doesn’t necessarily have it in her mouth 23 hours a day, but it’s  available for her when she wants it.  If she has a diaper on, she has a pacifier ‘on’. 

Because I am a "germiphone" (Sebastian’s word exactly), pacifier clips are an absolute neccessity.

Back in the day.. there weren’t options when looking for a pacifier clip. You might have had a few choices at the grocery store, but their pacifier clips just aren’t stylish for little princess and princesses. My little princess must have a stylish pacifier clip.

The Binky Lasso is a favorite of mine. I love the fabric design. I haven’t seen a pacifier clip made from fabric before I was introduced to the Binky Lasso. The Binky Lasso is easy to wipe clean with a wet cloth, super easy to clip on clothing or bibs, and can even be used as a toy clip.

Available in several designs, you are sure to find a Binky Lasso that fits your child’s personality and style.

Where to buy: A Little Lively

The Mommy Insider readers get a FREE Binky Lasso with the purchase of any gift set. Use the code ‘binkylasso’ when checking out!

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